Koenigsegg embarrassed Hennessey and Bugatti…WHAT’S NEXT?

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Nathan Aceves says:

It’s probably going to be the Hennessy

Owen Howell says:

Agear R the fastest car in the world

Bmcg Productions says:


scoopneck 13 says:

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder.

i_District 16 says:

Wait till the F5..

Rahul das says:

I love chiron and koenigsegg one and koenigsegg agera r

CosmicGamingGuy says:

whats gonne happen when we hit 1 mil subs

Luke Kerswell says:

I swear this guy does t even have his own super cars

Philip J says:

He has just reached 40k, here 7 months later ;D

Lil Big D says:

400 is possible. A long time ago we thought 100 was impossible but they made it possible

Kobe Glover says:

Does Apollo not have a world record at all?

cirtifam ryan taylor says:

We’re this at

Kyle Savage says:

Hennessy will CRUSH koenigseg

Dhruv Gupta says:

If lamborghini reaches 300+mph then ?

Plz Add Name Here says:

14:17, your clearly an idiot who doesn’t know what he is talking about, “they think they can” no dumb ass, if you haven’t read up on the Hennessey f5, it is lighter than the koenigsegg and lighter than the Bugatti, but also has more horsepower, so yeah, they KNOW they can break it, you think you know shit but you don’t, just stop dude srsly… did you come from the shallow end of the gene pool?

santiago cabral says:

I would like to see a race between the Koenigsegg Aguera and the Devel Sixteen to see what happens.

Black People says:

Well hennessey has the f5 now soooo

Beihjay Maravillas says:


Tony Erwin says:

I’m on my dads acc btw but I can buy him the gas for it lol

jasper wyoming says:

Last I saw the venom was a non-engined foam model. Hennesey is a bad joke. Venom f5 is a way to take deposits and then unplug the phones for a few years. Hennesey is nothing like Koenniggsegg’s operation. Hennesey takes other peoples engineering and parts and cobbles together a kit car that breaks down pretty quick and then sits in his Texas shop. Koenniggsegg engineers and then builds his cars using stuff he manufactures with an actual manufacturing plant.

Car Addict says:


Dalton Morris says:

Hennessey with the 301 MPH venom f5

Domingos Da Silva Cussinja says:

You just sound like a Koenigsegg’s fan who is trying to push it… But the Bugatti is a much better car for life! But I don’t have anything against you. God Bless

James Braine says:

Such a spoiled brat to literally do nothing other than “make videos” which an 8 year old can do and on top of that drive exotic cars for a literal living making well over 100k+ a year and yet you still ask for people to do shit for you so you can make more free money. I make 11 bucks an hour. I wish I could afford to even save for a house or new car. I wish I could afford my school loans. I wish I could afford health and dental insurance. I hope you get your fucking exhaust. I also hope you remember how much of an inconsiderate asshole you are and how easy your life is and how hard and shitty life is for I bet more than 90% of your viewership. Most of us keep our mouth shut and just enjoy seeing the cars but you are a fucking asshole and more people need to stand up and say something about this bullshit. I am not the first and you will get what you deserve one day for your actions.

Anthony Wayne says:

5:53 You cant stress the importance of what a disaster it was? lol Why was the disaster “important”? Perhaps you meant the “degree” of the disaster. Jus messin wit cha. Edit!

That one Guy says:

NOTHING Sounds better than a Swedish v8 TT

Nathan Aceves says:


Faze Gamer says:

The devel sixteen

Grant Kirby says:

I did it

James Braine says:

You are seriously asking for an exhaust hookup by asking for likes on another persons channel while you are still making more money than you know what to do with by owning exotic cars in the first place. SHAME ON YOU. Do you know how much of an asshole and shameless piece of shit you are?

OverPlay says:

im in 2018 and he’s at 40,000, congrats

david sanchez says:

An unrestricted Cadillac Dpi Vr would be dope

MLGgameing MLG says:

PETER CH says:

The Best From Ängelholm South Of Sweden..Koenigsegg Fastest Car In The Wotld!!!

Cristian- Mosoiu says:

Bro expensive Ride

Micah Williams18 says:

6:24 7:07 Random punching sound

Duffelbag says:


Cristian- Mosoiu says:

You will get 1️⃣ Million sub Hell fast

John Wilson says:

your disaster for eating food makes me laugh you little prick. unskilled America. You’re the reason why the Taliban want to bomb our f****** country

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