Koenigsegg Regera at Geneva 2015 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

Mr Koenigsegg himself talks us through his new 1500bhp hypercar


saeed yazdian says:

Christian von Koenigsegg is a real geniune….he is one the most successful industrialists in the world

g says:

The back of the car is soo ugly !!!

adel ishak says:


Auto News Live says:

Just listening to him talk about his cars and how passionate he is about everything he does makes me appreciate this cars way more than Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini and all of them he is very passionate about performance and on the other spectrum we have people like Mr Pagani who is obsessed with style and perfection… Who said the supercar/hypercar is dead? I think in this day in age is more alive than ever

Rashaan Gordon says:

It’s a great design although they could of done a bit better on the back.

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

Now I’m a life long car guy and I’m also a fan of Mr Koenigsegg but seriously does anyone really understand what on earth he’s on about?
Long story short, this car will be unearthly rapid. The end. Simples.

Bödvar says:

Regera means ”Rule” in Swedish. ”Koenigsegg Rule”

A F A says:

Christian is living his dreams. He is so passionate, but I am sure some people say Corvette is still a better car than Koenigsegg.

Andrew Ippolito says:

Christian K, speaks not only as a manufacturer but also as a passionate car enthusiast! Even though the pricing is beyond us mere mortals it truly is the premieire of hypercars!

Sukun Unosawa says:

this vs P1 and Chiron

Timothy Winston says:

It’s jättebra! Can’t wait to hear the sound from the Akrapovic exhausts!

Alperen Safi says:

Christian Von Koenigsegg reinventing the fucking car. 
I came when I saw this thing.

Lovewith Koenigsegg says:


AngryDuckSoup says:

photo bombed by a photographer,,,lol.

Lovewith Koenigsegg says:

Christian von Koenigsegg is an Einstein in hypercar world

Gopher Yusef says:

Man, I can’t wait until Jeremy Clarkson drives this on Top Gear. Oh, wait. 

K. John says:

This is like the Rolls Royce of supercars lol

kamran102 says:


YoWhatsGood says:

how the hell does he do it? he is literally a genius!

Thegaming Gamer says:

So There’s No Gear And Makes It An Easy Drivers Car Even For Rookie Drivers, But They Forget About How Fast Is It :V

jorge cal says:

wow insane how much tech crammed in there from such a small company

Kigoz4Life says:

Very Awkward interviewer. fuckkkkkkkkk offffffffffffff

Mohamed Nazrin Parvez Shah says:

When your CEO/Founder is a fucken car nut: FUCKEN 1428kgs car with a FUCKEN 1,800 FUCKEN HORSEPOWER #FUCKENA

real cars says:

so its 0.3 seconds slower to 300kph than the one/one

Todestuete says:

It’s an amazing accomplishment. However, it seems to me the performance under 200km/h and especially under 100km/h will be bad. Probably he has good reason to not reveal the 0-100 time. Sounds interesting to remove the gears, but in the end I think its not worth it in overall performance, only at very high speeds the downsides of the concept don’t matter anymore.

yeadude127 says:

His quoted accelerations times don’t appear linear. 

0-62 (2.7)
93-155 (3.2)
0-186 (12.3)

That’s 5.9 second accounted for leaving 6.4 seconds to split between just 62 mph. It wouldn’t make sense for the time between 62-93 to take more than 2 seconds and if it did that wouldn’t feel fun to drive on the road because, really, how often does one go above 100 mph. 

So lets let’s say:

0-62 (2.7)
0-93 (4.7)
0-155 (7.9) (which by the way wold be absolutely insane)
then 155-186 takes 4.4, which isn’t slow, but it’s a fair amount of deceleration and means that there is NO WAY it can go 0-400 in less than 20 seconds.

Pohlmaster says:

Christian is a hero of the car industrie…
I hope he will never let the company be owned by another company.
As I see on other brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari, such companies will loose their soul after years and years more and more

Aditya Shekhar says:

mr.koenigsegg is like tony stark….always way ahead of rivals

sonof hendrix says:

Veyron killer.

1HeavyHitr says:

Christian is a genius. The first human made UFO Will be made by Koenigsegg.

Audiultra Robotics says:

Such an innovative car! That’s what I like about Koenigsegg!

jrbtechvids says:

I can’t wait to see this car in action !

Steve Kioussis says:

He is definitely a passionate man which he should be it’s his baby. No one loves your business like you do.

modernman says:

The regera front design reminds me of the submarine “the seaview”
from the old tv show Voyage to the bottom of the sea.

Kennedy 77 says:

I am going to buy lottery, Wish me luck.

Kelly CC says:

This might be the worthy successor to the McLaren F1.

jetfightercn says:

this is what I call breakthrough thinking – get ride of gear box!

LouisianaBoy1990 says:

Christian Koenigsegg, and Horacio Pagani have to be the best car designers of this decade.. If not the best, then they are definitely the most passionate about their craft. Imagine how It must feel, having your last name embedded next to some of the best known names In automotive history. Like Karl Benz, Bugatti, Enzo Ferrari, or Lamborghini. That must feel freaking amazing..

0wen says:

20, 30, 40 years from now this car will be undriveable because there won’t be replacement batteries. Awesome technology but the car itself is disposable. But then , there won’t be any gas stations either so my point is moot.

Andrae Williams says:

can’t wait for them to test drive this.

Craig Sweetman says:

Skit bra !! 🙂

Nicholas Ding says:

looking pretty plain

JrFreak says:

And he started the company when he was 21 year old. Amazing.

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