Koenigsegg Regera Electronics and Connectivity — /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

Christian Von Koenigsegg introduces the advanced telematics and other connectivity tech inside the company’s new Regera hypercar.

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Robin Thompson says:

Is this data going to be available to police just in case you’re having a bit more fun than the law allows haha

Dead Stock says:

But where the fuck are they?

2kanchoo says:

As long as drive keeps releasing Koenigsegg videos, I’ll keep watching their channel.

Rahul Kapoor says:

0:23 What song is that and where can i get it? please tell em? i cant get that melody out of my head.

Miguel Coelho says:

its just me or the cars look like maclaren’s …. btw i love this company very good job from Christian.

Joel L says:

Anybode knows why /DRIVES videos called “The Build Part VII” has so many dislikes and the comments turned of?

Daniel Rosas says:

Does anyone know the name of the intro music?

Gregg Smith says:

I’m certain i wont be able to own one of his cars but this is an awesome series.

NeATaNDtURdy says:


Stephen Schafer says:

Will this app work on my honda?

Dulux Doggy says:

Them chairs look like the markus from ikea..

BreeZeTSHQ says:

basically obdeleven

Verbal Vertigo says:

Christian i would like to buy one. I want the 7th model made. Possible ?

Sany0 says:

Still using Apple?? Surprised CVK hasnt made his own OS ! Also…how hackable is this?

track time M says:


Joe says:

The only solution I can think of to avoid hacker is just to only enabled the system update when necessary and just pull the 4G card out from the slot when finished/not needed. (If the connection cannot be turned off manually).

Alex Roth says:

mmmm sneaking that Nurburgring testing into the video, I see you Christian

Sergio García says:

for when a Koenigsegg F1 team???

Alexander Shishakov says:

Its all about Christian’s “little bit unusual” and “quite unique”. That’s how the life is meant to be liven.

Paul P says:

amazing! let’s wait now till someone will find the way how to run malicious code over the air…

Erik Pukinskis says:

Your Koenigsegg videos to this point have been utterly fascinating, but this one fell flat. The first 3/4 of this are just Christian bumbling about OTA updates and vehicle logs. Skip to 4:20 for the only interesting bit: dynamic ride control based on geopositioning.

Aba Dibi says:

i aint gonna lie, Christian got some big guns.

Norbert Sobotko says:

Add the episode # in the title so we can watch them all in order

Nicholas Zammit says:

My dream job as an Engineering student!

Pennywise says:

When do we get the Koenigsegg owners dating app?

Marc Dostie says:

A Koenigsegg has an ottometer?

Mariusz803 says:

/Drive how come you haven’t retained the original numbering of the episodes? You did a 9 or 10 part series back in 2013. I saved those episodes and this would be number 16 if I’m correct.

BTW awesome little series. This and Launch Control are my 2 favorites.

ianiva says:

I have exactly the same chair they have at their desks! Pretty great.

muan tombing says:

Respect to CVK

d l says:

My most favorite car is the koinegsieg agera R

Tsar Kasm says:

Yeah I keep this on my phone to impress chicks…

… I guess you could say this app literally delivers.

CheekSteve says:

He didn’t even introduce the ingeneer to the camera…

James Lovett says:

WHAT IS THE MUSIC in the intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

michele vitarelli says:

A+ video. thanks for not drowning the speaker with distracting spooky background music.

Mick Grimes says:

i love koenigsegg, but putting a car on a wireless network is a terrible idea.
Hackers are resilient, organized, and they never quit. Eventually they WILL find a way to hack this.

Chris M says:

They all have steel series mouse mats. I love this man

JARED says:

fucking solid

Anthony Richardson says:

Watch this series and educate yourself about the current automotive technology. (:

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