Koenigsegg Regera – Launch rendering


Sudan Ambhore says:

I think #Agera# front look is much better than #Regera#.

西村悠 says:


aeroaa2 says:

Its like the Agera had sex with a Jaguar xj220, sorry but I prefer the Agera family.

2ftpmarco says:

the rear is not good,  also the location of the “Power”plug  not the best choice 🙂

Flash Mox says:


MultiLuc28 says:

You guys always nail it when it comes to cars. Have you ever been thinking about building a motorcycle?


wo kann ichs kaufen ?

Chandrakala Jayshil says:


lm prodction panam says:

elle est vraiment bien dessiner cette koenigsegg les ingénieurs ont fait du bon boulot elle est parfaite je l’ador

Professional NooB says:

The music is exotic. Is it from koenigsegg or is it from a source?

Tapanga Tapangovic says:

заправляется как Москвич 412

Daniel R. says:

I just had an orgasm.

yamahaevo says:

Varför använder ni inte youtubekanalen? Ni skulle kunna lägga upp en hel del kvalitetsklipp och få otroligt stor publicitet miljoner visningar… Makes no sense…

X Burst says:


अंकित दमाची says:

Is dis convertible nd how d roof gone…

Osamu Tamura says:


opadennis says:

A good reason to be wealthy. :>)

peralez2383 says:

Love the Biohazard wheels

Mr. MostWanted says:

nice rims,these rims looks more like a Biohazard symbol

Liam Collister says:

Was this done with CATIA?

Carlos Augusto says:

puro prazer de dirigir

Prince Bytor Frunobulax says:

Christain… REGERA-4 please!?

Thats a whole new thing but you can do it! Your team is the best of the best! -MK, PHX AZ, US

Vale Rossi 46 says:

What song is played in the background in this amazing video ? Someone pls tell me

Daniel Schmitt says:

this is the single sexiest car on the planet. wow

Emir B.A.745d says:

Unbelievable engineering , btw what is the name of the musicc that starts @0:07?

Adolf Hitler says:

Design by Apple in California.

j400wel says:

Where’s the ghost ?

M7mmad Basam7 says:

Speechless !! I am in love over and over and over and over again with this company

Wenah Somosot says:

AlpineZ2007: This is a stupid car… The truck wins!

SuperGT Performance says:

80 not enough.

Andrés Hernández Zúñiga says:

i like so much this video,amazing car

taikoking1 says:

Stunning. ultimate boytoy.

Igor Roudenkoff says:


Andrés Hernández Zúñiga says:

i like so much this video,amazing car

KTM Trooper says:

Regera the car that actually looks like a spaceship!!

Yiğit Ala says:

Need For Speed 2015 looks better Kappa

Kolinu2 says:

Rear number plate went down and I though yes! small gatling gun for shooting the bad guys, what an extra. But then oh…

Luxeee says:

The car is flat out amazing but the only thing I have a problem with are the rims, I’m not really feeling that biohazard symbol look

Lawrence Timme says:

i was disappointing when the number plate flipped down to reveal a charging port. i was expecting a rocket booster, jet or parachute.


Is this model electric?

Tomáš Kitta says:

Please moooooooooooore !!!!!!!!

soumendu roy says:

amazing craftmanship

Kim Jong Un says:

Is car is gorgeous. I’ve been in love with koenigsegg ever since the ccxr came out. It’s my dream one day to drive one. Owning one is out of my reach, but maybe one day I can drive one

幼稚 says:

Koenigsegg Regera – Launch rendering+1

Cloxxki says:

I love almost everything about this car.
My main complaint is the lack of front wheel drive. I suspect it would not have been ready for Geneva, as also the rear spoiler mechanism wasn’t.
With front wheel drive, the performance would have been a few more steps forward, I imagine. Slight weight penalty, but to the front. A total weight still below the 918, with much more electric power, would result in a 0-100kph in just about, or even under, 2 seconds. 918 is already reported to manage 2.2s now.
Braking might be a bit less effective (although 918 outperforms P1 under braking into a turn, it seems from Motortrend comparison), but full power would come in not only at 270kph but rather around 170kph. So, every acceleration figure would improve up to 260kph or so.

Also, Regera is not track focused, amazing with such specs. Had it received an aero package more in line with One:1, it would get a fair shot at outperforming it around a lap of a popular race track. Again taking the 918 as an example, doing so well at Laguna Seca (beating P1) and Nurburgring (P1 time a secret)…Regera has similar or even better aero, lower weight, similar acceleration up to 150kph, and way quicker above. So much power (700bhp?) coming from electric motors gets it out of corners corner to the next very quickly. The lack of a gearbox might help stability through long corners, no shifts taking place. The gearing is always “optimal” for a track, and every individual corner.
So I fear that if Regera is tested around a track, its main downside will be cornering traction/apex speed, and getting the power down before the car is nicely straightened out. A less stylish, more aggressive track aero package, and front wheel drive (Tesla managed it nicely in a recent update to the Model S) would make it quicker than a One:1, despite the extra weight.
I can’t wait for proper One:1 and Regera footage, but also not for the next generation, which really should be AWD to remain self-relevant. So much power to the rear tires is just silly.

Karson Anderson says:

my dad has the ccx

vidurc says:

Gorgeous work!

Rishabh G says:

might as well remove the wipers completely, those are definitely not going to work. But other than that, this thing is AMAZING!!!

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