Koenigsegg Regera Under The Skin — /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

Six new episodes coming for Fall, 2016! Christian Von Koenigsegg highlights the technologies behind the company’s new, 1,500-horsepower Regera hybrid hypercar.

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Max Strong says:

i’d be intrested to see what supercaps could do to enhance performance of the motors

kraenk12 says:

About time they release this vapour ware car. Als time to work on a new chassis Cristian, it’s been abt 15 years.

Raphael Evangelou says:

How hard is it to work for Koenigsegg? I’m hoping to do an apprenticeship at Jaguar Land Rover, and earn a bachelor’s degree in applied engineering – would this experience and qualification meet Koenigsegg requirements? It’s obviously very, very different working on low-tier sports cars and working on hypercars, haha. I’d appreciate any and all input.

Jason Lee says:

I want to be like him.. A man with a dream who accomplished and continue to improve..

Miguel Pena says:

And great video

55URB says:

I like these “shed” builds.

Goia Group Productora says:

Soundtrack? at the begin? AWESOME!

Brian Haueter says:

This guy is going to change every car in the next 10 years with the direct drive, a cam less car and support to help create cheaper carbon fiber. Imo he should start making daily drivers that are bullet proof and can last 30 years under stress from salts and extreme weather conditions

njack1994 says:

You know 0-248mph in under 20 seconds with tires slipping at 180mph. Road car yeah that is what we are building.

Peep says:

what a positive person…..

M Rod says:

3G is he talking about cellphone internet?

Miguel Pena says:

This video is making wanna get my need for speed rivals back

dontstartnomess says:

This man is a intellectual juggernaut.
If I had the money to purchase/own a Regera, I would purchase one just to experience the ingenuity of the car and his vision.
Brilliant man. Brilliant car.

Kent Little says:

do you see videos of the Porsche car co or Ferrari explain their cars Stephen Koenigsegg is not afraid to share the technology that is put into his cars he gets alot of respect from me.I long have been a Lamborghini and viper fan but that has changed love these koenigsegg cars!!

MurskGaming says:

intro song anyone?

Joseph Supnet says:

At some points it sounds like he’s actually talking about an NSX haha

seaplaneguy says:

Man there is a MUCH better way to make engines than what this guy is doing. Not even close to the right solutions. No electric motors are needed. He is creative, but stuck in the mud of old ideas and paradigms. It would be fun to debate him. Put up $10 million and I will make all his stuff obsolete.

sean craig says:

How can he know the driving feel when the prototype is still being made?

Dim- asto says:

Catia customer..

Quinn Moore says:

i feel like Christian Von Koenigsegg was the kid who drew crazy cars as a kid and now makes them lol

Peep says:

pure art……..this man is a genius.

Piece of Awsome says:

My name is christen von koenigsegg and I have a titanium chest

mohammad hanif says:

he must build f1 car and enter the race

MJorgy5 says:

I love how fresh this brand stays. Always exciting and cutting-edge. Most excellent!

mastafixa says:

I wish the camera work showed some of the car itself instead of having Christian centre shot all the time, Christian is very nice looking but I would like to be able to see the features he is talking about

Super Numéro 1 says:

C’est le fils digne du commandator Ferrari

David Vermillion says:

Question. Why doesn’t Koenigsegg research direct injection two stroke technology?

Direct injected uniflow scavenged two strokes have more than proven their enormous power to weight ratio in the marine industry. Evirude’s 300 V8 outboard motor as being 75% cleaner and much more powerful than any of their competitors. It is direct injected. Don’t get me started on the proven reliability of two stroke diesels used in automotive applications like the 12v-71 detroit diesel.

I think koenigsegg is missing a great opportunity to show just what a two stroke motor can do.

Richard Rejmer says:

The best PR man for any car brand in the world is Christian Von Koenigsegg.

He knows and understands every little detail of the car. The engineering and design aspects, the comfort, the driveability, the performance specs, the weight and material of each component. etc. etc. etc.

He speaks clearly and eloquently with passion about the car and even if it wasn’t the fantastically good car that it actually is, he has you thinking “Wow! This is a GREAT car! I wish I had one!!”

kopano khumalo says:

did he just say the only thing faster than a konigsegg is a konigsegg

Iceyboxy 360 says:

If I was a n millionaire I would get the regera because I don’t want to constantly shift and downshift all the time

adam causer says:

i feel like saying Mr Koenigsegg is a genius is an understatement. He is a true visionary and innovator in the industry.

xpusostomos says:

For a car with no gears how do you get enough accelerator travel and feel to go from parking speeds to 350km/h plus?

Melvon Mitchell says:

Absolutely Inspirational

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