Koenigsegg Unveils Hyper Car…And It’s a Record Breaker

March 4 — Swedish super car producer Koenigsegg has unveiled their latest hyper car and it’s a record breaker. With over 1,500 horse power and costing close to $2 million it is the most extreme car ever produced by one of the world’s most extreme car makers.

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Giacomo Casanova says:

this guy should be working in nasa or something,or work on how to get clean/free energy,…..Dark Horse,as he is! Oh boy….I want to see some bugats fanboy’s faces now ;D ;D ;D

A Round Ball says:

haha he said were selling it to every one what he really ment to say was whoever has 1.8 mill laying around

patrick bateman says:

too bad he didnt give regera a more iconic design

?, ?, says:

Still I need to know 0-100 or 0-60 this guy needs to explain these numbers

Pyrene Dream says:

Did he just say 400 KPH in 20 seconds?


LordKellthe1st says:

I love the Biohazard rims 🙂 I want one so baddddd

slhines7 says:

Looks like one of my old Matchbox cars.

The Man says:

fastest convertible too!

W33d 420 says:

Luxury,hybrid,powerful,cheap.what a great combo

Sarunas M says:

Cool megacar, but I don’t believe it accelerates to 400km/h in under or even in 20 seconds.

Andy Liu says:

please have a video to put this car the the test! I want to see that 400km/h under 20sec

Faruk Ali says:

Most beautiful car ever wow!

Brandon SerrNo says:

the thought that one if not more of those cars had to be crushed for testing makes me cringe

hdidane00 says:

all ferrari / bugatti / porsche fans needs to digest this. lol

Rene Stanneveld says:

What record would that be.
The moost expensive and at the same time useless car ?
2 years ago he say “hybrids are for loosers” and now he makes one.
Again what record did he break, none
And for some weird reson he says “car has one gear its amazingly special” it’s fucking electrical.
My 1990 Kyosho electric rc car has no gears.
I swear this guy should go into politics, or become the next Steve Jobs, this guy can invent the wheel and make it sound new. (oh wait he already did that)

Oliver Liu says:


Daniel Sloan says:

Sucks bugatti

Jason G says:

At this price range it’s a moot point, but what’s the range?

Furkan FFF says:

Fuck bloomberg business cunts

Eric Chung says:

Okay, now this car is going to be on my Vision Board. F***ing Awesome!

Jon snow says:

1800 HP? In Total

Burhanuddin Fatehnagri says:

I’m going to buy this car

Allen Saunders says:

so far the car companies cars seem great but they are rarely tested or owned lets see real in depth reviews of there cars not just factory visits and talk

M3Conv says:

How does he get away with it?

Most manufacturers actually design, build and finish the car then measure its performance and announce the stats.

This guy is making claims about a car that is nowhere near complete.

I don’t even think the Agera has reached the speeds he previously claimed and its been out for four years!

Gol. D Rodger says:

Where do I buy one?

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