Meet the YOUNGEST Koenigsegg owner in the world.

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Adam RS says:

IDK..seems like you’re driving a rug or some carpet from how the inside looks. Can’t get myself into these super high end performance cars…too tacky.

shafeeque P.V says:

Hey Strad….
Why are you always chasing like New generation super cars like Lamborghini and agera, Audi R8..
I’m waiting for your vlog in classic muscle cars…and BMW and Ferrari..

AKmusicproductionsOfficial says:

dude USE earpods you can demage your ears forever and that will be not repair able

C-woods121 says:

That matte black Aventador belongs to a man named RANA65556 (instagram name) he lives in the same area as me go check his Instagram out, so cool

jojoorak says:

What is he working ?

Jorguii says:

Naraya is gold and 155 diamonds.

Jeffro Dizar says:

Keep bragging! Lol

kinfzac95 says:


AKmusicproductionsOfficial says:

its dangerous to not use earprotection because is very loud for the ears

jahman242 says:

i can work for years and still not be able to afford one of these… what do you guys do for a living.. has to be more than making videos.. or parents are loaddded.. if youtube is pulling in this much cash for just making videos i think i need to get into this and stop working so hard. i wonder what would happen if all the blue collar workers in the world quit to make videos..

Westside 808 says:

You from hawaii?

William Larsson says:

I don’t understand why they put alcantara on the steering wheel.. it already looks stained and that car isn’t old at all

Emil Olson says:

The display on the Koenigsegg looks just like the old Neonode phones. Coincidence? Both Swedish…

Radigsegg Hazard says:

I really don’t know how you guys could afford those million dollar vehicles

Frédéric Gendron says:

The guys watch at 1:35 is sooo doooope


So what’s the youngest owner do for a living? How did he pay for it?

Ryder Xi says:

oh im depressed

Dat Bacon says:


I_Am _Alive_Inside says:

I am 12 and i should own that but i don’t so thats sucks



dxutube says:

I think you’re all very naughty & Faith is a super hot blob so now I’m going to sleep

Sosuke says:

You mean mom and dad.

deadlyhawk says:

Ur vids are lit on lit

richy James says:

way too many Aventador’s and Huracan’s being churned out, expect price collapse some point into future

mightyplayz says:

I had to sub I love the vids keep it up!!!

Radialz Gaming says:

the owner had crash his naraya

Logan Weber KP27 says:

I wish i had a car like that but i am middle class lets go

Roberto Garcia says:

Those cars from Florida how fast are they and where can you get one?

Figgaro says:

You need a new mic sir

Braden Merrill says:

2:05 totally, I live, I kid you not, in a 10 mile radius of Geneva

Matt Rieger says:

James your content is always great and entertaining, how tf does vehicle virgins have way more subs?!

MyDeebro says:

Cheeee huuuuu!! Loving the Maui Built hat

Mike Sloan says:

what I really want to know is where did that hot pocket / creme brulee devouring MF get the money for that car

AH AH says:

lol i was watching a video of an electric car…how did i get here=)

501 N 503 says:

Not a big fan of most HyperCars but that watch though, Yes sir!!@1:34

Danny says:

The roof on that car is worth more than my house..

Ian Reyes says:

So whats he emergency hammer for? i’ve always been curious about that. Can someone please answer my question. Much appreciated!

Chapo Chingon says:

Looks like a Movie film

HalferLand Video's says:

Literally schooled me on some hyper cars in a single vid! Need to start reading up on these again

Chase O says:

I wish my dad had monwy

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