Meeting Koenigsegg!- Regera and Agera R Breakdown

For this quick little bonus video, I decided to share one of the major highlights of my trip to the Geneva Motor Show- Meeting Christian Von Koenigsegg! He was very approachable, and gave myself and DoctaM3 a full breakdown about his new mad scientist creation that is the Regera. These cars are so incredible, and totally lived up to the hype. Thanks for watching! Social stuff and more below!


dubzfry says:

Holy shitballs. That thing is awesome

senevo says:

I cant belive i have not seen any type of koenigsegg eventhough I live like 2 hors away from the Koenigsegg factory

Lee Williams says:

David my brain hurts!!!!

bshawn41 says:

Will that engine fit in my honda?

NOS ZL1 says:

Post better shit! Boring!!!

mojomannen says:

You wouldn’t see Porsche’s or Ferrari’s owner/CEO standing on the floor talking to people. But CvK is there!
From what I’ve heard he is a super nice guy:)

And the Regera looks effing amazing. Really looking forward to see the first testdrives:)

Jonah Renner says:

What song is this

AWD Fanatics says:

What the guy said: “We cracked that nut last summer..”

What I heard: “We busted that nut last summer..”

Goofy Xz says:

Christian and Horacio Pagani are my idols. They have extreme amount of passion for cars and they also pursue their vision of what they want to do/build. Wonderful

jdmcommute says:

Impressive i guess……until he said “you can control the whole car with an iphone”.
Fuck that. I wouldnt want some fuckin gov. NSA or hacker getting into my $2 million car and fucking with my settings, controlling my ecu inputs and outputs. Mind as well throw an obama logo on the side of it and call it a prius.

I will keep my STi. If i was to spend any kind of cash like that i would build my own Porsche 962.

E36_60trim says:

Amazing that no one really knows about these cars

markeldamgaard says:

I’m sorry did anyone else catch that. 1.9M$ if you round up. Holy crap. But dam do I ever love that car.


what a cool guy and how approachable he was

Luiz Motta says:

5 litre V8? David put two precision turbos on your Mustang and you’ll have basically a Koenigsegg lol jk

Jonathan says:

David, why is there a DMC sign on the roof? Are they making a new car hahah

Kesenai Heaven says:

Man that breakdown the science of the company hypercar lvl they are at lol. Its like bedtime story

Bochen Lu says:

My god! I have sooo much respect for him -fanboysqueal-

Toni Sukles says:

Mr Koenigsegg is such a nice guy.

GhenghisKhangai says:

This man… I love this man…

M Rod says:

Is that Wilson Fisk!?!?

ingineous says:

The name of the outro beat pleeeeeease

Ryan McDowall says:

Dude no gears, what?

Gas & Brass says:

It’s so refreshing to see somebody telling you about the cars and be so infinitely passionate about it. Really awesome to see.

Omgulur says:

wonder why they didn’t have the Koenigsegg one on show

Russell says:

So Jealous. This man is an automotive genius and these cars are the bomb. If I ever hit the power ball I would have one over a Veyron.

Dan B says:

It may be quite obvious but anyone see the DMC sign top left?
I may sound silly but could it be Delorean?

MrRavige says:

Christian Von Koenigsegg Looks like Wilson Fisk from the new daredevil series on netflix

Cindy says:

Your editing is awesome!

Darryl Olivie says:

I might never see drive or own one of these cars but thank god for christian von koenigsegg

Jack Naylor says:

0:56 didn’t know zac efron was into cars

Miguel Medina says:

Can Christian start his own channel already so I can subscribe? I can’t get enough.

Jason Hannibal says:

That guy makes very beautiful cars and I think he is changing the game on super cars/ Hyper cars ,to me he is not afraid of change and pushing the automotive industry .

Thomas Christopher White says:

Koenigsegg is the new Ferrari. Or it’s what Ferrari never was.

im Shax says:

Oh Koenigsegg, it’s truly something else.

Oliver Payne says:

what is the song on the outro +ThatDudeinBlue

Brett T says:

Imagine if they used something bigger. i understand Bugatti uses bigger engines and that’s plainly to compensate for the amount of weight and the specific speed goals that they have in mind. The fact that an engine inspired off of a ford modular engine making well over 1000hp is bonkers.

ReZ says:

David I need the outro beat or I will have to kill you…

SoaR Toast says:

can someone please tell me the song at the end of the video in the outro

mikeywi96 says:

I hope this tech trickles down into some more affordable automobiles eventually!

TheGetawayer says:

Christian can’t be interrupted, haha. A man with passion and what a car 🙂

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