Most Expensive Car Key Ever!

When your key requires a security detail, you know you’ve made it. At the NY Auto Show I found the prototype key for Koenigsegg from made by Optimal Innovative Solutions (same company that made diamond Rolls Royce hood ornament). Key is made of platinum and black onyx circled with 40 carats of diamonds. Not a factory availabl option yet to my knowledge and no price was given but estimates put it at $250k USD

Link to their facebook


bruno condello says:


Justin L says:

Is there a GPS for your car key option?

Nancy is Life says:

Koenigsegg Agera RS is my Most Favorite supercar of 2018.

Dante Planeta says:

looks like a teenage girl bidazzle job

John Doe says:

That is a stupid ridiculously big key

Jackson V says:

ur fingers are gross

ChocolateHappyness says:

how does the key work to open an turn on the car?

RazQrt says:

The way he says Agera

TheBoldImperator says:

HOW TO MAKE ANYTHING WORTH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS: sprinkle diamonds and precious metals until the object is farting platinum

This is designed for rappers.

A Quest For says:

He says he would estimate around 700k but then in the description it says 250k

Gertrude Perkins says:

very very cool? its fucking hideous what is wrong with people.


that shit is retarded and anyone who likes this has obviously no taste whatsoever

Kyle creeps peeps out :b says:

Yep koenigsegg

Max Lawrence says:

Nobody needs a car key with diamonds… wtf

What you mean Thirsty? says:

Hundreds of thousands for that. Really hard to believe unless its considered an art piece

ElMosqito says:

0:50 Robs thoughts: “oops, maybe better i leave that how it is” XD

cheese_ nuggetz12 says:

I subbed

Kaki Kongsi says:

owh, just check my key and its cheap and what is more important i uses it more than 5 years without fail to start the engine.

capitán_ camote_picante says:

USB.. 3GB USB or 3TB?..

Chad Garcia says:

250k for a usb

What's Good? says:

That’s gonna be mine one day

El Bross says:

now not only your car could be stolen but your key as well which is even stupider cus if someone stole the key and ran then you lost several hundreds of thousands and you will have to spend again for a new one
just plain stupid even if i had billions i would never buy it

Taskanager says:

thats obviously something a rapper would do but why would a rapper buy an agera r? u cant fit 24’s on there…

gary james says:

They don’t even know it

Wouter van der Molen says:

This is for people that need a reality check.

Zelda Menefee says:

That key alone is worth more than my entire estate

litefoot900 says:

As long as there are kids in poverty, this bullshit is sick.

mastalee says:

it’s funny cause diamonds are pretty abundant but the industry purposely keeps them like their so precious to keep the prices high

EpicRealLifeMovies says:

You say “Agera” wrong


insane and useless really..

Paul D'Arcy says:

I would say that’s the opposite of cool

Etymology says:

Nice quality diamonds, but the whole key looks stupid.

Merle Therrien says:

I’d drop kick that mf across the show into the Toyota stand.

PussMag says:

i understand spending money for something cool or new, which serves the purpose, this, neither
seems like a self made billionaire won’t even buy this but his son would

Juan Meregildo says:

That’s my favorite, and dream car.!!!

Hey says:

I would lose it in a day

Jacob Locklear says:

Dethkolk buys the key and smashes it.

RebelForce8 says:

Daily dose of pointlessly expensive shit

aryan ambastha says:

Americans getting triggered,Punny britches!

wallstreetfox3 says:

What if key is lost?

Josh Lunt says:

aGera not azhera

Ryan Wahl says:

Dude where’s my car? Duuude! Where are my keys!

Platypi says:

You are a savage, But smart. “Everyone is checking out the Mclaren reveal, I’m going to show you this COOL key that they don’t even know about.”

gokufujison says:

this is so stupid. Why are companies doing this?

“Oh look i made a 100.000$ coca cola bottle” (gets normal coca cola bottle and glues some diamonds on it).

dominic cristante says:

things you do when you have to much money, spend a couple hundred thousand dollars on a key that only you will see and know about

Bad Mojo says:

can you imagine yourself super rich, maybe $40,000 cash in your jacket pocket. youve had a long night partying at the club with strippers and prostitutes doing cocaine and drinking 1928 krug. the night winds down and you stumble out to your koenigsegg as you haphazardly reach into pants pocket only to fumble and drop your $250,000 key fob down the sewer drain you happened to park next to.

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