The 3D Printed Variable Turbo – /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

Christian von Koenigsegg showcases the One:1’s patented variable turbo, providing the perfect boost for any RPM level.

Fully 3D printed, with moving parts printed within the enclosed chamber, something never done before.


George Kolotouros says:

I like listening to Christian. I think he’s amazing .

flakey says:

you mean a twin scroll turbo?

eamoman651 says:

Will this fit my Honda?

Gil Fischer says:

Koenigsegg has no style at all, it’s a printed car, supercars it’s all about style and pose.

MFury says:

Does somebody know what’s the name of the intro music? It’s awesome !

Creeperboy says:

Variable turbocharger? Basically…

陳稀楠ChanHeiNam says:

I buy a koenigsegg one:1 and a koenigsegg reagarea

Kjell Inge Kleppe says:

Amazing work Keep it up. It is a real joy to see your products. I wish I could work in Such a Place.

Denis O'brien says:

What’s old is new again. Mazda did this many years ago with the single turbo rx7 and tuners have been doing it with “quickspool” valves on twinscroll housings. Not vnt like a modern diesel turbocharger. Great to see but “patent pending” on 80s tech is a bit rude

devin haueter says:

the elon musk of cars! haha

Radhakrishnan Rana says:

respect for Mr. koenigsegg .

Vonwafenburg says:

Anyone know the song that plays at 00:35? As the camera circles around the car?

Jozo mafijozo says:

someone give this man a medal!

zepfan96 says:

If I ever have enough money for a super car Koenigsegg has my business. Why? The ceo is a car guy himself.

Paul Hood says:

so basically a twin scroll quick spool flange from the factory with some engineering.

"Талалаев Константин" says:

Why nobody built a carbon fibre compressor wheel in the turbocharger?
It seems to be an obvious idea that would reduce inertia therefore make it more responsive.

XfStef says:

Every one of these videos manages to surprise me…

MonMalthias says:

Patent in question found here:

Lake School Restoration Channel says:

Wow, a company who has someone at the top that has a clue as to what they are doing. I never thought I would see the day. Lol

Lafayett3 says:

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante in the background at 2:15

Taz Grant says:

Very innovative well done!

Charlie Bishop says:

1:45 look at the right side of the screen xD

Lukáš Krátky says:

Turbos with variabile geometry is pretty old technology…. It is commonly used by diesel cars. an momentally is VW bring variable turbo also for gasoline cars…. Iam curious how it looks inside this Koenigs Vnt turbo.

Tony Beadle says:

Anybody know what car Christian von Koenigsegg drives?

ChiRap773 says:

lol uhh its a vgt turbo. diesel trucks have been using them for a while.

Jan-Cees Tjepkema says:

Im actually quit interested in the song(with the piano) they play at the beginning(intro) any one any idea what it is?

FalconXE302 says:

Is Christian telling us he invented the Twin Scroll Turbo…?

Max Dewitt says:

the short glimpse of the man on the right. No need to be ashamed to have feelings for such an attractive and intelligent man 🙂

alex Marquez says:

Why the duck did he steal a Lamborghini

Bax Warrior says:

I’m Sorry mr koenigsegg buy the alfa disco volante in the background got totally my attention

G Kuljian says:

It’s not “variable”. It’s two staged. But holy crap is that cool to print out of stainless.

Raythetree001 says:

See all the engineers trying to be seen by Christian! ,looking all brainy in the background how rude whilst filming

Harry says:

Can anyone provide any information on why the exhaust runners are so small I get that it’s variable but they just seem very small in diameter especially for a car producing so much power?

Shannon Smith says:

agreed, not only is he brilliant, but he’s able to share with us casually about the incredible stuff he’s doing.

Waldemar Perez Jr says:

2:31 the best example of ‘wanting to be’ and ‘being a focus on creating something awesome’. best example

s0012823 says:

Ik wonder what the strength of the material is. It is stainless steel, but I doubt the molecular structure is the same as steel. The strenght would be more like cast iron.
But I don;t know.

docrw says:

130 people hated this video because they hate life and themselves

Charlie Lavery says:

Michael Van Gerwen is really knows his stuff

giannisgt28rs says:

copy of gt3 turbo..

Sox4life says:

2:27 GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! I’m doing a thing here

Era AG says:

3D-printed or billet?

Mujtaba Ibrahim says:

fuck the Chiron. this is is what a true engineering marvel looks like. Ferrari and Lamborghini went to shit years ago. the only genuine and innovative car manufacturers are Koenigsegg, Tesla and Pagani.

Aaron Calvert says:

Okay, so they make a 3d printed turbo, for a car I still cannot afford.

Holdenian says:

no intercooler? shit’s crazy

Panos Valilis says:

Intro song anyone?

Andy Levingston says:

I should have my parents buy me a koenissegg

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