The World’s Best Koenigsegg Regera is HERE!

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sampath mudhunuri says:

That staurn blue huracan is there any GT-R in that show??

Omar Mahir says:

My favorite car is pagani Hayra

Tisi 777 says:

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James Johnson says:

everyone keeps forgetting that SSC Ultimate aero beat the veyron in Dubi and than beat them again with the ultimat aero tt , cool vid love the cars but SSC holds the gueness world record . not tgat I don’t love the veyron b/c I do but can”t argue aganst the facts

heet it says:


Tyler Murch says:

Get your dead asleep hand arm out of the fucking shot.

Erik Nilsson says:

They that dont like koenigsegg dont no what they loking at

Aiden Covell says:

Youtube drunk again 7 march even tho is 30 aprill

C and N Vlogs says:

Ferrari fan boy!!!!

7DaysAWeek - SiebenTageHatDieWoche says:

Nice one, BUT(T) Blue cars, especially light blue ones with light blue interior look ugly to me…

I mean, I would drive a pink Lamborghini, if I could only drive a Lamborghini, but there’s nothing that beats matt black or matt grey (that looks similar to the reventons color).
The Bugatti is so freakin beautiful, forged carbon fibre in all its design variants looks SO freakin beautiful, BUT(T) having a Diamant logo just is too much… You always have to affraid someone steals it… If you’re not just rich and drive big cars as a compensation for your small wiener, but because you’re passionate about cars, then it’s quite hard to park such beauties in public without being afraid like shit someone could scratch it

Lekshman Sunil says:


DRJ Wizzle says:

mansory 720s was my favorite

CosmicGamingGuy says:

i would take that first white regera only because its more simple and i like the cars that just have 3 colors max on the exterior 😛

A.G. Martinez says:

The color is obnoxious

Fairy Tail gaming says:

I gotta go with the black and red bugatti the colors on it matched your jacket and my YouTube channel logo and background

Killer Racing says:

lb aventador is da best

magellanmax says:

That show was blowing up. I’m just not feeling the concept rides.

Syed Mahad Raza says:

Regera and bugatti chiron

Cinematic Cruise says:

My favorite was the Koenigsegg Regeara hands down!

76ers says:

5:40 – I dunno if I should be looking at the car on the left, or the ass on the right. hmm

Logan Weber KP27 says:

The Bugatti Chiron Sport by far my favorite.

André Dias says:

Ele e um carro muito bonito o koenigsegui regera e também muito rápido

Kamel Shahin says:

LaFarrari is my favorite car and the Lamborghini Centenario

NateCarVideos88 says:

My favorite in this video is the Koenigsegg Regera .

Syl Hinderyckx says:

I think the urus looks al little bit like a jaguar f-pace

Mohamed Akmal says:

The koenigsegg regera is my favorite car.

Arthur Ivan says:

I like the Pink Floyd song inside the blue regera. awesome !!!

Ellen Jimenez says:

my favorite car in car show is bugatti chiron sport

Belnick6666 says:

why do Switzerland have car shows when they are too load to be driven there ? Switzerland is pussified when it comes to cars


Same lisp as Shmee.

Jake Soles says:

Pagani zonda

Alex Santiago says:

Love that Liberty Walk Aventador

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