What if Koenigsegg had Bought Saab?

Articles referenced in this video: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/the-not-so-small-koenigsegg-group-ab-puts-saab-back-in-swedish-hands-car-news

Today I got over a question I’ve pondered for a while: what would have happened if Koenigsegg bought Saab? In this video I discuss what the deal between Saab and Koenigsegg was and why it didn’t go through, other alternatives for GM and Saab after the deal failed, and what would have happened if Koenigsegg did purchase Saab. Leave your thoughts and opinions down below in the comments, and as always, thanks for watching!

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EkstreemKanuutaja says:

Print many beautiful pics of your 9-3 or other Saabs from your family and place them on your wall.

the wrxguy says:

Saabs we’re supposed to be affordable, Volkswagen, Ford or Volvo would have been better buying them

Steven Lopez says:

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 ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
   ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
     >     ,ノ

Lars Brodin says:

Why all this about Saab?? Saab has always been a shitcar and will always be a shitcar! If they combined Saab and Volvo, then still we maybe would have had a car manufacturer ? I live 10km away from the Koenigsegg factory so Ive seen a few of those cars.

ACS607 says:

GM are the worst corporation in the auto business runing several car brands into the ground including Saab and Holden and have given up on Opel/Vauxhall which they sold to PSA. They have now abandoned the European market with the exception of struggling Caddilac and I’m happy about that. No longer will we be subjected to the crap that came from that company. PSA can’t do a worse job and Cadillac will never become a major player in Europe. The reason why Saab is no longer? It’s because GM tried to water down Saab, gave them less investment than they needed and left them in a no man’s land where they couldn’t compete with the likes of the premium Germans because of the poor quality materials, nor could they compete with the VW group and Ford because they were priced higher. If Saab were given enough investment to build cars that could compete with the German premium cars then I’m sure they’d still be around. Still struggling perhaps, but improving non the less.

Carl Werner says:

Had saabs since l was young l freids who are saab specialist and they break the them

badboy 25 says:

First. Sorry, I had to do it

Ron Torrence says:

They would have definitely stripped away all of the sick junk GM did to them.

Ghvj Bgh says:

You could go to a old fabric shop and buy a green blanket, hang it up behind you and make a greeen screen

1-UP says:

I have a drawing of a SAAB concept car called the “Gripen” it looks like a jet fighter on wheels and has an option of two or one seats, center driver and mid-engine layout and the car is very cheap 250-300HP with the famous console ignition layout.

Danny Seiber says:

If, koenigsegg & Saab went thru , it would have to be able to cost effectively blend certain things between the 2(connecters, certain aircraft parts etc)Saab would have benifitted from koenigsegg’s Super or hyper car experience & Koenigsegg would have benifitted from Saab’s larger engineering resources, it would def be a challenge ,But if they made it work,…it Could in theory make Both even better

Carl Werner says:

Had saab since early 70s frist saab had triumph 1850 engine saab 99

PoorQualityImageOfAPear says:

You won’t understand the Saab love until you own one…

Nathaniel Couey says:

To be honest, I think Saab was doomed from the late 80s when GM first bought half of Saab. There really just wasn’t any way for Saab as it was to have survived in an American market as expensive as they were proved when new. If they were less expensive, then maybe.

I think that if the Koenigsegg deal had gone through, that Saab would’ve become greater and would’ve sold and actually made Koenigsegg money. GM was just too controlling over Saab for them to succeed. I feel like Saab would’ve become what BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes are. I also feel like a smaller car company would be branched out and sold cheaper economy cars and hatchbacks.

Now back to the real world. Let’s just hope the NEVS brand succeeds and the new “Saabs” make it and sell in the US.

1-UP says:

I knew I could get you to make a video about this! thank you I know you DO listen to your subscribers and fans!

Attack444 444 says:

My guess is concentrating on electric cars, like nevs did. Saab would have been an rather expensive higher class electric car. Thats my guess.

Gorilla Hackerman says:

Who gives a shit, eventually Disney is gonna buy all of us

Louis James says:

They should auction companies like this going bust, let it be sold to highest bidder. 600m asking price was irrelevant in the end as no one paid anything

Antifaws says:

From what i can remember from the debate over here in Sweden, it was pretty much about Koenigsegg buying the rights to the Saab brand name, not the product line or facilities. Whatever would come out of that would of course be interesting. I’m guessing a high end quirky premium product, maybe electric.

cesar p says:

Then saab would have freevalve

Andres Haas says:

Thanks Autopsy, Interesting Topic. Here’s a little clip about what Koenigsegg is

With his attitude of car construction, Saab would probably be too expensive. I think Christian von Koenigsegg does not compromise!

R.G.C. Rainbow says:

Stupid chinese took Saab!

Bernhard Jordan says:

think about a bad move

Carl Werner says:

Just got a saab 93 aero convirabie for 1100 dollars 2004

Eduardo Andrade says:

The swedes are all about Saftey and efficiency. I couldn’t see them not being not naturally aspirated.

focused200m says:

A saab 9-3 with 1000hp covered in carbonfiber an low with hella aerodynamics

Boogeyman B says:

They do not buy it because Saab had financial problems, bad reputación, share technologies with GM licences of 9-5, 94-X, in fact Saab had few assets value,

Renato Paoli says:

Miss Saab as a brand. Loved all their cars, had 4 different ones. Don’t think Koenigsegg would have had the solution to save the brand, since they would not have hade the money required. Keeping my hopes up that NEVS will hopefully keep the Saabish design on future models. Unfortunately they are concentrating at first on the Chinese market. And it will sadly take several years before we see any Cars in Europe / Sweden.
Also think GM could have handled the selling better to improve Saabs chances, no matter who the buyer would have been.
Great video as always.

James Fonda says:

If Saab was gonna cost like 150-250 mil I could see it not being that crazy even though it would still be very risky. But keonigsegg would have to be able to operate exactly as it has (or very close) in order for them to at least operate and Saab would maybe have to concentrate at certain levels and being realistic about it’s potential. Seems like it could have worked like this but it wouldn’t necessarily have been worth while

Carl Werner says:

Hi saabman uk ive had 47 saab love them buy them all the time

Samarth Khanna says:

Definitely a SAAB poster is the first thing to put behind you on that wall.

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