What Is Koenigsegg FreeValve? Camless Engine!

What are the advantages of Koenigsegg FreeValve?
Actuators Explained – https://youtu.be/kaAz8TIeYHs
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Koenigsegg’s innovative system now known as FreeValve (sister company) is an actuator based valvetrain the removes the camshaft and provides complete control. It provides independent lift, timing, and duration for each valve, offers better packaging, can easily run the Atkinson cycle, can run cylinder deactivation, eliminates the throttle body, and fully optimized can increase MPG, torque, and power by 30%, with 50% less emissions according to Koenigsegg.

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ABo MALA says:

isn’t the same techno use for F1 since decade? Renault first introduce F1 engine without cam

hg2 says:

Too much hand gesticulation.

Jess Stuart says:

Rotary engines and 2-strokes don’t have cams either.

shan naren says:

Excellent explanation keep it on

Kevin Polito says:

The big hurdle is getting one of these systems to actually work.

Moped Maniacs says:

Hi Jason, I’m know it’s slim to none that you will even read this or have the time to reply as I’m sure you are extremely busy but I thought it would be worth the chance to message you as I’m avid YouTube follower of yourself and from that know you have a very extensive understanding of mechanical engineering.
The reason for this comment is because I have always been interested in engine design and specifically prototype engine technologies. For several years I have been toying with drawings and ideas in my head of one specific engine design I think could be dramatically improved and that’s two stroke engines. From many hours spent researching new technologies and engines on the market I believe I have come up with an idea that could push petrol engines that one last step further to the edge of the limit of their physical boundaries.
I believe I can combine the power increases possible of 2 strokes with all the benefits that 4 strokes present also including the use of a system such as freevalve as an electronic valve system is a crucial element for my design to work.
What I’m asking is if you or someone on your team could possibly spend a few minutes speaking to me about my idea to hopefully gauge whether it could even work and from there I would appreciate any type of help given toward making it a reality. I would be honoured to develop or even discuss the engine with you or someone that works for you.
Jason or whoever is reading this i look forward to receiving a reply although I highly doubt one, I’m just struggling to find anyone I can talk to with enough understanding of engines to grasp the idea I have and I have reached a point where I can’t find anymore problems that could cause it not to work, I’m not saying I have any mechanical education I have just learnt from videos and tinkering with engines myself but I truly believe this could be the next step needed for petrol engines, Thank you for spending the time reading this and hope you get round to replying even if that be a recommendation of someone to speak to regarding this idea.
I truly believe this could be the making of something good so thank you again.
Anyone reading this with any suggestions to how i can approach someone with connections to people in engine development or anyone that can help or any other suggestions people have are welcomed, thank you!

Voldemort says:

Doesn’t F1 car use this?

Adam Rhodes says:

Isn’t another major advantage the fact that each exhaust port can be controlled independently allowing control over boost on the turbo? I.e one port is coupled to the turbo and the other isn’t, and simply varying how much each exhaust port opens using these actuators allows control over boost and negates the need for a wastegate.

Andrei Apostol says:

Please explain to me: where do you get your AIR IN supply from? Where is the air pressure coming from? How are the valves opened when the engine is off (first start)?

deear diesel says:

So interesting, thankyou!

Ocean Auto Sales says:

is this close to or the same as the F1 pneumatic system with added electronic controls?

antsolja says:

thats so cool

Nick Frunzi says:

Surprised a camless engine hasn’t already been mass produced at this point already.

kingmike40 says:

Reminds me of the hydraulic injectors that ford had trouble with on their diesel engines. I think the injectors were designed and made by international

Soner Iftar says:

electrohydropneumatic 0u0

srinitaaigaura says:

@Engineering Explained – if an 8 cylinder engine shuts down fuel flow and air to 6 cylinders and becomes 2 cylinders, can it disable engine braking and consume 1/4th the amount of fuel (or a bit more than that?).

Say the driver’s accelerator pedal controls the torque output, the engine would figure out what’s the best way to deliver it – how many cylinders to use or how much fuel to supply. Can you do that with this?

Can you take a turbocharged engine and give it a 14:1 compression ratio or run it as rich or lean as you like? Now only NA engines go that far.

Also, can Freevalve be used to ensure that if the engine needs only 50HP to cruise at say 60 mph, then the valves ensure that only 50HP worth of fuel gets burnt by the engine? That would give even very powerful engines some insane fuel efficiency numbers in everyday driving!

Martin D A says:

This technology was just so obvious……..WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF IT FIRST? Aaaarghhh!

PS. Anyone thinking of replying with, ‘Because you are a thick twat’… don’t bother.

Khadijah Brown says:

This is confusing because in the official “koenigsegg video he first says there is no cam but later he says there is. Hmmm

Stefan Denic says:

who bloody cares, nobody is gonna afford one of them anyway

HillBilly Deluxx says:

Could an actuator failure result in catastrophic engine failure?

tolon tolon says:

cyooot pocket

A,M FR says:

Do you think it’s gonna work out more than 6000rpm? as air is compressible

sandman365TTi says:

this will be a big leap in tech. No lengthy cam swaps or bad matching of combos. Go from a mild runabout to fire breathing dragon in a heart beat.

manxman says:

How is it compared with variable valve timing system? (VTEC)

Steven Canfield says:

funny how th video by C. Koenigsegg shows the actual head and it has solenoid controlled valves, not pneumatic controlled..

Jess Stuart says:

The real question is… Is the extra performance worth the extra cost, maintenance, and less reliability? I think the FreeValve system still has a long way to go in proving itself for mass production applications.

W33d 420 says:

Fia should really consider this, imagine just how much of a tech boost this will get

Bestoftherest222 says:

I can’t wait for mulitple generation of these engines to come to the market, so I can buy them in g6 or so when its perfected.

Siddhant Pal says:

i have one question if at high rpm we allow the valve to be open for a longer period of time while the engine is running which is quite obvious wont the engine back fire.? and if its the same system for the exhaust valve wont the car back fire?
please help me out

Bailey Snedaker says:

What is your BMW source?

Pigeon says:

As like some others commented here, I think the biggest problem of this is its reliability. There is too many non-car guy and they do not take care of the car condition until it stops running, and that may be really catastrophic to the system. When system got a problem and broken, the customers still have to pay much more than traditional valve with cam system, and that’s not happy for them at all even though that was totally because of their improper use or maintenance.
Even if freevalve become more ordinal system, that only for the cars for car-guy (sports car/super car) and which means it will be expensive.

Yellow Malice says:

Aw, what a cute kitty!!

mujjuman says:

does bmw valvetronic accomplish the same thing

Kiefs J says:

I wonder if they would sell kits for i4 engines like civics or a zx6r

Terry Heick says:

Electric very soon, like it or not.

envagyok gyuri says:


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