2000HP Lamborghini loses control into lake

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Lost control trying to make a 1/2 mile pass at the WannaGoFast event and ends up in the water. Luckily the driver was safe and unharmed! Video credit goes to That Racing Channel. Video rights owned by That Racing Channel.


keith bick says:

ha ha ha   silly crunts

T Pitty says:

Funny…I just had to pay mors mutual insurance to get my lambo out of the lake a few minutes ago

Tyler Frey says:

Who designed this track? Is this even a track you can legally race on? I’m guessing not since we decided to use 2000hp next to a lake. Kind of pisses me off. Such a waste…

Johnny Five says:

poor guy, oh wait… he isn’t poor. That sux bro… go buy another.  Build it right next time.

martinrps13 says:

Exactly what happens when you have too much money and no driving skill.

niceguy60 says:

Out of control power is liability not an advantage

death knight says:

Not even 1000 HP

Ramazan says:

The back of the car looks so fucking ugly though >_<

-pasta44 - says:

i hear a french canadian saying : dans l’eau.. in english it mean in the water!

Rogue Warrior says:

anyone have a can of aerosol spray?

gigdrummer says:

too much car, not enough driver.

Charlesbjtown says:

When you are in 5th gear, spinning as hard as you were in 1st gear…and stay in it……you are an idiot.

thisisit130 says:

should of put a wheelie bar on that bitch

tirapalla says:

0:32 Maybe, the worst photographer in the world

akshooter762 says:

I  put my explorer in the pond once, with water up to the steering wheel… (don’t ask) it fixed the power steering leak I had for year’s though.

Radosław Pierzchalski says:

If you wonna drive throuth lake, use boat…….lamblo use on road. Wojek Dobra Rada.

Charlie Stevens says:

Couldn’t he have just, like, gone straight? Since that’s where he wanted to go?

Flyin Sushi says:

welp. id be ok with that. it looks fine

Rotary_98 says:

Revved the engine so hard in the lake… only praying he didn’t damage some engine parts

Meatable360 says:


Ian Fung Koo says:

it even can float

Mr Hippie says:

That happens when u cant afford a murcielago and buy gaylardo

Riley W says:

Not really a lake more like a really wide puddle

Proud to be an American says:

you may need to change the title of the video to a driver loses control not the lambo loses control.

Bruce Patterson says:

that looks like a pond

Smith & Wesson says:

R u sure 2000Hp?

chillgreg says:

Sucked in you dumb fuck

Scott Lesley says:

nice polaris

Johney Aimlessly says:

dumb fucking rich assholes who can’t drive have no buisness doing shit like this. and that’s a retention pond, not a lake ypu fucking retards

daan hamer says:

it didnt look to bad damaged

DemocracyOfHypocrisy says:

Paddle shifters and still bouncing off the limiter? Nice driving…

John R says:

where is the lake again ?

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