2015 Lamborghini Huracán Video Review

It’s been just over a year since I fist drove the Lamborghini Huracan on twisty Spanish roads and flat out on the Ascari race circuit.

Yes it’s awesomely powerful, but one of the things that impressed me most was just how much more livable it had become over its predecessor. But would you really want to drive it every day?


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variszarins says:

is this actually a car review?

Robin johansson says:

Where can i find the car colour code?

Skyler91 says:

I still don’t get why ALL americans want cupholders in EVERY car… WTF XD

Tajinder Singh says:

that orange color is so dope 🙂

Michael Lui says:

great review

Josh River says:

“Would *I* really want to live with it everyday?”

Are you fuckin crazy?

I’d eat every meal in this car and carry a pee bottle!


Awesome car, great unbiased review. WHAT DO YOU PREFER, THIS OR THE AVENTADOR? ????

Iman Akbarian says:


Zatharos says:

Oh thank fucking god you guys pronounce the name at least some what right. Im always hearing the name pronounced with that stupid H at the front

Moien Haider says:

Nobody needs it its a show off car if you show off you need to see you don’t need it like if you’re rich you can spend money on it but you still don’t need it

Erick Farias says:

1:38 eric andre?

John Hanks says:

how tall are you? and is it comfortable on long trips?

Carsten Hansen says:

It wasn’t raised at 5:15…

Iman Akbarian says:

live video

dredaylarue says:

i hate that they went from the lambo doors

Mbeke G says:

oh my gosh what are those?

Nbpoih Fiheqw says:

1:55 It’s italian, retard…
I forgot, you americans, don’t know any foreign languages…

Joshua Marston says:

only thing wrong with a lambo is that there is no cup holders….. sort it out lamborghini

Death To Ricers says:

why the hell would u not want to hear the exhaust

Jakelegofilms says:

By far my favorite Lamborghini.

Abdullah Ismail says:

should i get the car? problems plz tell me some negative reasons about car

claytina doumblehore says:

Quiet my ass I want it as loud as possible

R-N- M says:

Huracan is amazing

Elliot James says:

no cupholders=no buy

Arch-Angel741 says:

this car is just stunning MAN I WANT IT SO BAD!!! D:

777THUTH777 says:

I will stick with my Corvette that I drive daily

Tony Bland says:

Are the seats not adjustable? That can’t seriously be his seating position.

Car Geeks Anonymous says:

You may have won an award, Colum Wood, but you’re no Craig Cole.

xiOS NP says:

why not LS swap it?

Nick R. says:

How tall is the reviewer ?

Luke Rae says:

Toronto you look so beautiful. ….oh yeah as well as the car. That’s nice too.

Hayden Fox says:

Heya. It’s cool. phobic ragged What do you think, guys…

Aleksandar Friscic says:

Corvette joke was funny… at least i heard it like a joke

MonroeSim says:

Awesome black rims, I’d drive this car on weekends and maybe a few times during the week. And use a bmw or Mercedes to drive to the office.

bulok69 says:


DaUN1T0916 says:

If you had to commute to work everyday you probably can’t afford one of these or just missing the point of being wealthy enough. This car is for fun, that’s it. Not to get you to work.
And NO you don’t need cup holders! If your drinking anything in this car your stupid and not enjoying it enough.

Magneto says:

It doesn’t deserve to be driven on the crappy roads of Toronto.

Lee Whitworth says:

I don’t really care if it has more downsides than upsides, its one of my all time favourite cars and if I could chose any Lambo to use in everyday life it would be this bad boy.

JBKL21 says:

could someone explain why he cannot get to the underground parking garage? because i don’t see that the ground clearance be the problem there….

Frank Kwok says:

Keep in mind, it’s a supercar. You don’t want it to be like any other cars. Also, for whom both this car, one should be able to spend the money for maintenance.. Once again, you get what you paid for. This is a supercar! Expensive to purchase and expensive to maintain it. Definitely a supercar for over achievers.

Ethan Archer says:


Skill Sessions says:

Nice guy, nice review.

youbuttface7 says:

If you have one of these you own the company you work for :p

thefranchize34 says:

I saw this car in Whitby. Can’t believe that was you. But damn thats a far drive. Whitby to Scarbrooguh traffic then the DVP.

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