2017 Lamborghini Aventador S: In-Depth Exterior and Interior Tour.

The new Aventador S comes in as a more focused and refined version of the first model with more tech and power than before. At the end of the video I left a section without music – let me know what you think!

What do you think of the revised Aventador?

Thanks to H.R.Owen Lamborghini London for allowing me the time to film their demo car.
Instagram @hrowenlamborghini
Web: http://bit.ly/2r6YZMX

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Ravi Masih says:


Sunaryo Aryo says:

Sangat mewah…..

Haha DeBois says:

Excellent review man! I was hooked, your voice is super clear and that camera quality is razor sharp.

What camera are you using in this review?

FF A says:

Heroin license plate. Subtle…

Garry Wan says:

Aventador has side spoilers,did anyone else noticed that?

Prince Rapada says:

Men! Your channel is so GOOD! AND THE REVIEWS! Damn hahaha.. Good review for the Aventador S haha but I will choose Aventador SV and put that wheels in it hahaha.. Lol

Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

What I have to do !

Andrew Irwin on Testing Cars says:

Great video man ! Cheers

NAWest 75 says:

Still no cup holder??

craig dunn says:

I like it

Ishan yadav says:

i really dont like this new aventador…..it looks hideous form front but happy to see that they kept interior all most unchanged except that new TFT which looks attractive …………but i like to appreciate your work as it not simple to get the in-depth of these super rare cars …………….well done..

mike litoris says:

holy sh** was that a super trofeo in the side ?!?

TrangleC says:

Call me weird, but the trunk is always one of the most interesting things about a car, even a socalled hypercar, to me. So I’m really missing a look at the trunk in this video.
I like sexy sports cars as much as the next guy, but to me they still have to be at least a little bit practical and every day usable.
I see it as follows: The more practical a car is, the more time you can spend in it and the more time you can spend in it, the more fun you can have with it.
So even high end sports cars should have enough storage space and enough ground clearance to run basic errants in them.

Pan Mark Dedaj says:


Scott Adkins 1988 says:

lamborghini aventador is my dream car.

Mark P says:

Lamborghini really capture the essence of ‘supercar poster on the wall’ so very well, they always have and this is no exception. I enjoyed getting to admire the car close up.

I like your music overlay, it is somewhat relaxing and works well Imo.

Henry Carlisle says:

the alloys

Mohammed amine Asri says:

4:56 how can he see his whole car in the screen ???

Sunaryo Aryo says:

Andai aku punya mobil kaya gitu waduh cuman menghayal……

self1sch says:

No idea why Lambo still uses this ugly 90s looking vent design, BMW does as well. Looks so out of place imo.

Great video tho, thx 🙂

Victor says:

I don’t really like the Aventador, but you made a good work explaining and showing the details. 🙂

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