2017 Lamborghini Huracán LP-580-2 REAR WHEEL DRIVE TECH REVIEW #LAAutoShow SPECIAL

MotoMan goes over the TECH details of the 2017 Lamborghini Huracan minutes after its Global Debut on the eve of the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. In this brief TECH REVIEW, MotoMan shares some of the changes from the LP-610-4, the reason for being for this Lamborghini as well as some business updates & logic from Automobili Lamborghini
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MotoMan. Ordinary Car Guy. Extraordinary Adventures

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C Snoopy says:

Balboni Edition?

L Renaud says:

Pollo is chicken…

Bruningable says:

Fantastic car, very good video!

John Sekhar says:

Superlegerra next please 🙂 Cant wait to see you drive that thing – definitely the son of the Balboni Gallardo

NZsarge1 says:

Super leggera or a SV in either of the -2 or -4 guises

rickyt11 says:

Hey MotoMan, I had a chance to meet Raymond, yesterday at the Los Angeles Auto show. What a great guy.

Snafu says:

It will be a Lamborghini LP650-2 Molto Benissimo (V12 engine, different styling than the hideous Aventador). God please make sure this happens.

Huxxy says:

Why so many people say the Huracan is not aggressive or edgey enough looking is beyond me…It looks like a fucking weapon!

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Can’t stand detuning engines for no good reason. If anything, give it more

Dirty Dan says:

If you can’t afford this car don’t be on here, stupid poor people

Opptest Seven says:


Nick Marks says:

I’d like to see a 100k Lamborghini that can compete with the gtr

mehmet 1923 says:

roadster version of the -2

Chris Rose says:

Your use of accents is very fucking annoying and so is your hand motions. I feel very stressed watching your videos, please change the way you talk bro

Alex Stern says:

Anytime a car gets lighter or cheaper it makes me happy

Tron says:

“The people that buy these cars don’t buy manual transmissions”….i.e. rich idiots that don’t even know what a frigging gear is…you know…the ones who want to impress their friends that also work at “______” – Insert tech company of choice (Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Google, Yahoo, …etc) Believe me, I do not begrudge the accumulation of wealth…..but I do begrudge the accumulation of automobile “street-cred” simply because you were in the right place at the right time with your computer science degree, and now you want to look like a car badass.

Adrian Sanchez says:

Nobody wants to buy manual like what is a manual transmission

Hang Jay says:

Huracan super veloce would be damn!

Alexandre Silva says:

boa noite, sou do Brasil, olha meu amigo nossa vc, fala demais mostra o carro… VC fala muito mostra mais VC falando doq o carro, VC não é profissional VC é amador, coisa feia só gala nerda to fora

Derek L. says:

God damn this guy moves his arms more than Hitler giving his speech

E Murtaza says:

I love these videos but you never show us a quick glance of the rear of the car which is really annoying, it was the same thing with the Mercedes suv video where you didn’t show us how the car looked from the rear and then I had to google it. Please do a short clip of the cars interior and exterior, great job nevertheless

Calvin Chann says:

Have always loved Lambo’s design language. Would like to see a stretched 4 door 4 seat version 😉

Antenox says:

MotoManTV drinking game: Every time MotoMan says, “I digress,” take a shot.

Daniel Maia says:

How much of a discount on the rwd with steel breaks we can get? I mean you talked about it being sub 200k but isn’t the awd with its ceramics like 270k?

SEANJOHN 92663 says:


Robert G says:

but does it have “lambo doors!?”

Ahmad Al-Ajeel says:

@MotoManTV what is the difference between 2016 vs 2017? and visual design difrences or new tech? does the new 2017 huracan have Android auto or still?

SkiddingMouse says:

+MotoManTV Probably was a necessary move for Lamborghini to bring along this “less expensive” model. Then… no manual, horrible but you are right, at the end nobody buys them. This may just proof that real petrolheads are kind of broke people mostly :D. Sure will be an awesome car to drive.

3arsa15 says:

Huracan Superleggera!

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