2019 Lamborghini Urus – (Track) One Take

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The Lamborghini Urus is the world’s quickest (0-60 in 3.4s) and fastest (190 mph) SUV. With a 650 HP, twin-turbo V8, AWD, a quick-shifting 8-speed automatic, and the largest brakes fitted to any production vehicle (17.4″, ten-piston), the Urus is capable of lapping racetracks faster than a 2004 Gallardo, while also handling some basic-off roading (with the right tires, natch). We got some hot laps at the Thermal Club to see what’s up.

Lamborghini provided travel, hotel, meals, the test vehicle and insurance for this review.

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frank white says:

I don’t care how fast it is , it’s a cross over lambo , it’s gay as fuck

Wild Stallion says:

I’m not a fool fuck you

** ** says:

It’s still porches Cayenne turbo…it’s Lamborghini adopted son…there is no wow factor in this SUV.

Kara Makara says:

nice shades, what is brand?

bigboytwin901 says:

Seen an red one wouldn’t mind having one looks great

Patrick McNally says:

Did you take video in the sand?

jedd baker says:

Would prefer the LM002 body with this powertrain. Thanks for the review Mr Farrah, awesome as always!

Charles Wagner says:

It Looks like an Aztec except far less functional.

David Taylor says:

Matt’s right, if you never heard of this car and saw it on the road you would never think Lamborghini.
Porsche did it right. The Cayenne is unmistakably a Porsche.
The Urus should like an Aventador and a Wrangler had a baby.

Mjolnir Lightning says:

It blows my mind that rich people would spend this kind of money on an SUV. What a God damn waste of money.

Nickolai Siegfried says:

It’s an bloody suv, why would one take it to a track? One wants a track car get a gt350 or gt3 etc. Fuck this fantasy with suv’s.

conrad testamark says:

why did you call the Urus ugly matt

Phoenix Racing says:

Great video dude (apart from the cone :D)… All the best for 2019 to The Smoking Tire crew!

nknasi says:

thats definitely an all time top 5 exhaust note… holy shit is that insane. i cant wait for the tunnel vids.

xDerpOG says:

When one of your brake calipers has more pistons than your engine.

Hardy Lõiv says:

If you think this car is ugly then your just old, i´m sorry 🙂

Novemdecillion says:

You know what I love about this Lambo? The LATCH system easily accessible in the rear seats. 🙂

Dj DeMille says:

Its sadly dissapointing how audi this vehicle is compared to how lamborghini it is

Juno Reactor says:

The sounds of passing by are beautiful

Nazim A. says:

That is your opinion to say it doesnt look good . We all have our own opinions. Urus looks good to me

D Lee says:

I fucking love the way it looks.

BusinessClassOnly says:

what a peculiar looking Q5

bottomlayer says:

How do you pronounce Urus? Tour-egg! :p

Hitler's Left Nut says:

Check this out, this is the Lego Technic Boogati Chirone?

Bob Last says:

that exhaust note alone is enough to justify the purchase

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