£6 million Lamborghini Veneno causes CHAOS in Central London!

The craziest car I have ever seen on the road, this Lamborghini Veneno is the prototype car and therefore 1 of 1, with a further 3 customer cars produced. The asking price of this car currently was reported by Lamborghini staff to be £6 million. As you can see, it drew a lot of attention, with a bus driver leaving his vehicle in the middle of the road for a few seconds. The car caught the attention of celebrities like Lethal Bizzle and Yiannimize. This is the first Veneno to ever have been seen in the UK, let alone central London. Based on the Aventador, the Veneno has a power increase up to 750 bhp and is electronically limited to 220 mph, with a 0-60 time of just 2.8 seconds. The car can be seen accelerating rapidly and revving on the public road without any form of number plates, before returning to the HR Owen Lamborghini dealer.

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Sl Lb says:

lol 6 mil for a Car

Carlo Villarante says:

Is that Yianni? lol.

ChavezOG says:

Trailer Queen

felipe hernandez says:

Funny how he revs indoors

Burntoutculture says:

Let’s be honest, this is not a good looking Lamborghini

Wayne1974 says:

Ugliest sport’s car I’ve ever seen, especially the rear end. I’d rather have a pagani and you would still have enough left to get a lovely mansion.

Drill Hammer says:

No reg number? No road tax… wtf ? Should be seized

Stefan Schernus says:

He can fu ck all girls in london.

TK says:

One side view shot would be nice.. I can see you’re an ass man.

koziro112 says:

No white people in London lol

Aligned-Planets says:

Ugly heap of junk… it’s lost all its shape. It’s hard to tell what’s what with it.

KingPat the 1st says:

I knew i shouldnt of left it parked there!!….people of london im sorry for any inconvenience i may have caused

Mr. Smith079 says:

The dog has no idea what it’s doing there

xXSanitöterXx says:

Now I know where I forgot my Car!

eLslawek1 says:

its a disel?

Classic Grooves says:

Give me a nice ford focus,better fuel economy and practicality

DJMondo21 says:

The problem is it’s sooo low you can’t really drive it anywhere

азиз хайруллаев says:

Хуйня полная

Axel Val says:

Italian manifacture the best round the world

Shoty z Twitcha says:

Mam takie 4 w garażu

MrRzeszow says:

Pooooooor people

Memyselfandeye 22 says:

He can’t be very good with money if he paid 6m for that god awful heap of shit, it looks like it was built in a garage in southend by the jypsys.

It’s like the drag queen that went too far and terrified the locals. It makes you wonder how many people had to be murderd for an idiot to wast so much money on an eye sore like that.

Lets hope he gets mugged again before he crashes it or it gets crushed for not having any tax or insurerence.

uwais qamar says:

Is ir mebor was yiannimize there at the start

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