Assembly of Lamborghini Turbo V10 Engine

Progress of my dream project! Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Twin Turbo 🙂

instagram: @peterbjorck


Sa yan says:

Very awesome videos! I love the videos with the F1 parts and i respect very much your work on the Gallardo and how you explain everything for every part.
If i may ask, from where do you get the manuals on the engine assembly on your computer? I really want to find these manuals. 🙂

NSFWS4 says:

I see an S2…all the lambo talk got blocked right away hahaha

Victor V says:

Hi Peter. Great project! I am looking for a car with a blown engine to do the same. Are you able to tell where you get your clearances and torque specs from? I’ve seen a few Service Manuals floating around on Ebay, but no idea if they have that sort of in depth information. Thanks.

Alix Alixandris says:

Проверять натяжку приводного ремня по звуку, разве это надёжно?

Boudou Sabadaga says:


vijay car technology says:

Good job

Ryan Matthew Reyes says:

What the fuck. I can’t imagine being able to do that. You should be proud of yourself!

Bradley T Heward says:

Awesome video! Where did you get the engine manuals and guide I saw in video?

ElRastorGamer :v says:


soldier2763 says:

Can’t wait to see the next episode

diggleboy says:

There’s something very poetic watching your videos, and this is my first one I’ve watcheed! Love it!

Young Hernia says:

Does anyone know where i could find like all the technical specs for this car? I dont have one but id love to see how these things are put together on a much in depth way. Thanks!!!

SubZeroo7 says:

I guess you are originally come from North Italy (Turino I guess) so your heart goes for the Lamborghini of course

JTPerformance says:

Volkswagen group äger ju Audi och Lamborghini så är nog inte så konstigt:P

William Ambrogio says:

I would have loved to get with U, when I was 20 I went to every school, to learn about bearings, composition, design, this is Great, I love it, I’m 72 now, love watching. William.

Zilla-man says:

So on the R8 V10 is it Audi stamped?

Kari Mesari Official says:

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john jay says:

@PeterBjorck *you swedes are so exact about things! can’t wait to work as truck driver in your country!*

Wayan Darmstadt says:

Hej Peter
kan du löda laga en abs enhet eller känner du någon som kan laga löda abs enheten ? Bor i sthlm har felkoderna
0070 pumpmotor felaktig signal intermittent
0011 hjulsensor vf felaktig signal intermittent
0012 hjulsensor vf felaktig signal permanent volvo c70 2000 t5a

Självklart får du pengar .
Önskar dig en fortsatt trevlig vecka .

Ali Mahmoudi says:

Congrats you have ruined a lamborghini

Zilla-man says:

It’s Lamborghini stamped!

Man Red says:

Is this Tavarish’s Lambo?

Vamos enDireitar o Brasil ! says:

this kind of engine and gearbox,for me,is only well assembled by italians or germans

Rico Firmansyah says:

Hebat lah maneh

Jun Yeop Kim says:

this is very dangerous video..he thought like a rc model lambo or audi. also measuring instrument is very very bad..

Billy Blanco says:

Lets just be honest, its a high priced Volkswagen.

Bavarian Motors - BAHRAIN says:

Injoy watching ur rebuild , whats the apps u use for the engine maintanace * the manual)*

BlagoP says:

Make a video of that B4 Audi 90/80.

Lotus cola says:

Shit music.

Dustin Black says:

Enjoy your videos. Something different and new. Being an Audi guy myself it’s nice to see someone who is down to earth and understands the technology and designs of each. Thanks for sharing!

Daniel Nilsson says:

är det Fredriks audi som står hos dig ? 🙂 annars snyggt jobbat !!!

j4k0b86 says:

nice winter car

Helmsman says:

Awesome build Peter! Curious, you mentioned you tried one set of (rod?) bearings but changed. What clearance did you end up selecting mate? Thanks!

Tom G says:

Peter is the Audi one of your cars also?

GermanPlayer says:

The engine was used in the Audi R8 V10

Foscora says:

1994 S2 ABY Sedan ! Only 306 were made in this body style !

contrueces1 says:

Si es lo mismo Lamborghini y Audi es de vag no entiendo la dificultad de ponerle el turbo

Kuemmerling Enthusiast says:

Grymt imponerande! Bra jobbat!

vijay car technology says:

Nice sir

Hcar Centro Automotivo says:

Welcome to Brasil peter….

Wayan Darmstadt says:

tack Peter trevlig helg

rapidvtec says:

I know you’re using Motec but check out the Syvecs EMS – it’s amazing. Lot of big power cars are moving to it.

Francisco Toledo says:

Mmm the Audi s6 and rs6(b6) , huracán and r8 V10 it’s the same motor?

Mikey de'shon says:

Changing an alternator on that ride would be a bitch.
And probably several thousands dollars.


hello my friend please help me I have a Lamborghini Aventador 2012 replaced abs unit and instrument culstaer . I just want a reprogramming this Can anyone help me what should I do. thank you

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