ASUS Lamborghini VX7Sx Notebook Hands-on Review

Give this a thumbs up if you like the ASUS Lamborghini VX7!

Rob from ASUS North America reviews the ASUS Lamborghini VX7Sx-DH71 high performance notebook.

The VX7Sx features an Intel Core i7-2760QM processor, 16GB of Ram, 1.5TB of storage at 7,200rpm, and an NVIDIA GTX560M graphics card.

Among some of the cooler unique features on the Lamborghini VX7Sx are a genuine leather palm rest, trapezoidal rear vents, hood-inspired lid, and Carbon Fibre finishing.

Learn more about the VX7Sx here:

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YourPal RZV says:

watching in 2018 hehe

Matteo Troni says:

hp pagani

Brandon Lucia says:

Where is Tai Lopez when you need him?

Khairul Serbini says:

Hello! 2017

Foad Vafaei says:

how much is it?

BigDaniel 77 says:

2 megapixel camera so it’s really high quality smh

Sasha M says:


# revo # nightcore says: asus Lamborghini msi ???

LucasCarles XxXhaterXxX says:

nice lamborgini

roger shahan says:

dude this looks awesome !

Rishab Mallick says:

lol I guess I am the only one watching this in 2016

Baselord says:

i like the yellow colour, idk why lol.
P.S IM IN 2017!!!!!!!!!

Danny Does Things says:

sittin here chillin with my Asus G74sx.
Intel core i7 2670qm 2.2ghz
8gb DDR3
GeForce GTX 560m 2gb
Windows 10 Pro x64
most newer games im willing to put at 720p. but in my tastes. if it runs decent at an HD res. im fine with what laptop i have. at 720p high. still kicks GTA 5 on high 720p at 47-63fps. and even 2016 titles run really decent on it if you lower the res to 720p. Still a decent laptop to me

Highlight Techno online says:

ASUS Lamborghini VX7Sx very speed processing, i like it

torpedo jones says:

You can literally upgrade this beast to todays standards. My own asus its a stock 2.2ghz with intel hd 5500 graphics. Asus is swappable modifiable and upgradable.

Highlight Techno online says:

ASUS Lamborghini VX7Sx how money guys, and Lamborghini good specs

AR15 says:

Dell – Toyota Prius

McRom37 says:

if you paid a lot for this Laptop, its taking a long time to just Boot Up, it should boot up much faster for the high price and for it being a Gaming i would be pissed.

Alekzander Lema says:

Wow incredible design

big smoke says:

Pretty fucking cool

David says:

And I’m just chilling here with my razer blade. God we’ve come so far.

nan0 says:

This thing is fucking gross even for a 4 year old laptop.

Suleman Liaqat says:

I also have g6 and it’s perfect

Shomy Seby says:

Get on it and go to ride….

Durchsage Deutschland says:

2018 ?

Ron Elim says:

wow…. send me one!!!

Cristi25 says:

Next time – MacBook Prius.

Pooh Sea says:

any7 asus toyota LOL

Xyrylle Leonelle Arevalo says:

laptop base on a super car ???????????????

velasquez 。。 says:

lol i want that laptop but my wallet hate meeee

Parviz Gul says:

I can only dream of these powerful machines.
its been almost 6 years that I am still using Hp pavilion g6… at this stage, I can’t even find a fan to replace with the current one that is making random noises.

Rajat Kumar says:

I’d rather buy a mac after seeing a screen that glossy and the start up sound.

Rusdi Arif says:

Almost 1 minute boot time, not fast even this name has Lamborghini brand….. lol!!!

SannyHo says:

am i the only one who is watching this on 2017 august 15th?

CanonWaffle says:

At first i thought its gonna be the best laptop, but then when i read the description. Oh GAWD.

The True Gamer says:

no this looks too chunky

Techanical Sam says:


Noël Knaus says:


Katayoku Tenshi says:

watching this 5 years later, but really, I must say…

this is hands down THE COOLEST PREMIUM GAMING LAPTOP I’ve ever seen!!

Techanical Sam says:

watching it after 4years lol

Jarett NK says:

Is he retarded

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