Behind the secrets of the Aventador SVJ: ALA 2.0 Aerodynamic System

ALA 2.0 (Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva) is the aerodynamics system we developed to bring Lamborghini Aventador SVJ’s performances to a highest level, with optimized air inlet and aero channel designs.
The ALA 2.0 system actively varies aero load to achieve high downforce or low drag, depending on dynamic conditions.

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Pratik Yadav says:

lambo went dope

DjJokerr says:

I was going to buy it but then I looked at my bank account and cried.

Aparajit Sinha says:

Litsen lamborghini, you dont need to highlight these things. Your name is enough

Sharrk says:

Weltuntergangsmusik für n Aerodynamilsystem hahahaha


Oh now I gotta buy this….

Chalres Kirkland says:

Love that rear spoiler design. Best Lamborghini to date. Besides the Huracan Performante.

Mauricio Guzman says:

They should have had yeezys stepping on the brakes

Murtaz Nawaz says:

Lamborghini is the best and all Lamborghini cars are legendary ! I love them all !!

1life To live says:

Lamborghini I love it but I hope this is the final rendition of the Aventador. All the other companies have made so many new cars. Come on Lamborghini we need a new flagship vehicle!

The dot says:

I really love steering system of Lamborghini

Keno Lee says:

watching the video knowing i won’t be riding in one of those in this life..

madhatten00 says:

amazing airflow engineering, cornering god

SuperSporCarLover says:

Eşsiz Lamborghini Mühendisliği. <3

Akshat Sharma says:

Just imaging how crazy will the ALA 3.0, all wheel drive and steering, forged carbon fiber and other Lamborghini technology be in the next bull as huracan and aventador are only upgraded with these technologies to be Perfomante and SVJ and they are the fastest.

FireB4llz says:

Now that’s engineering right there.

N H P says:

Dream car.

San Stx says:

Ford Gt 90 1995 LOL bitchies.:DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Nick Son says:

i dont know why?but i love lamborghini

Syazwan Hilman says:

Zenvo TSR-S’s rival.

Refy RF says:

This car made with math formula lol

Fatih Emre Sakar says:

You are best in the world

Harshal Singh says:

It’s lit man!

Cesar86 says:

Wonderful car, amazing engineering, and damn nice video editing!

Sudarshan Guitarist says:

I think I can buy this car

In games…… Based on a real life event…….. 🙁

Ricky Mawan says:

All i know i can’t buy this car

T2s ballsack in Rockstars Ass says:

rather get a Lexus LFA

The dot says:

Ferrari fanboys are butthurt now

adishwar singh says:

Are you guys ever gonna enter F1??

Mr Jvm RulesYT says:

R.I.P. Ferrari

Usman Javed says:

Imola race track?

Nate McElroy says:

So fuckin dope!

Roger Halt says:

Nice ideas of course, with crap ton of R&D but this video suggests braking through corners is when the flap at the rear is engaged for maximum downforce. But everyone and their mother knows that braking is before the corner. Braking mid corner results in slower cornering speeds and thus a slower lap time

Dmytro Blyzniuk says:

Killer of any Porsche. Great car Lamborghini.

SemiColon says:

what about the LM002? bring it back!

Alfa Person says:

Omg that is one clever computer and also the new adventador, HAS THE FREAKING VENENO SPOILER, BACK VENTS, AND FRONT VENTS. HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED THAT? Lamborghini keep on coming for one day I will love to have this.

Or for you to understand Lamborghini

Omg questo è un computer intelligente e anche il nuovo avventuriero, HA IL DISTRIBUTORE DI VENENO FREAKING, LE VENTOLE POSTERIORI E LE VENTOSE FRONTALI. QUESTO ALTRO HA NOTATO CHE? Lamborghini continua a venire per un giorno che mi piacerà avere questo

sheik ayaz says:


For You says:

Are these features mechanical or electrical??

Christopher Lamour says:

But only 770 horse power

kickasssloth360 says:

Why would he be accelerating AND breaking with his right foot? I know it’s for the video but looks stupid.

jdmdrifter jdm says:

Make a Lamborghini called Lamborghini scv gtr

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