Buying A 2017 Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 (VLOG #16)

This car is more of a symbol than anything, that with enough hard work and dedication…anything can be POSSIBLE! Never give up on your dreams and believe in yourself! Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!
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People might ask why I have a lambo in an apartment…I bought a house in Santa Clarita and its currently being built from scratch and wont be done till April 2017. In the meantime, im stuck here with this car lol.


kempegouda km says:

what is ur father and mothers name ed

Joshua Dalagan says:

that hoodieeeeee ! :O

MachineGun Joe says:

You didn’t put the link to order a Lamborghini in the description

GreenMachine says:

LOL to pay your entrance did you have to sell your house?

Devin Gallagher says:

Did you say you feel broke, even though you bought a Lamborghini? You and I have a very different opinion on what broke is.

Grimlock says:

Congratulations Ed u deserve this car after all the hard work you’ve done and I’m so jealous but at least your not a spoiled brat like some people and you actually worked hard to get this car and entertain us so congratulations Ed!!!

Grimlock says:


cookie man says:

the question is ……can it run crysis ?

hungrynapps says:

life is good

2detensionYTP says:

What’s the benchmark score ?

gecko king says:

you know some times i forget he as it cause he doesn’t show it off like other you tubers like uhhhhhh faze rug

Gamer Boy says:

Why do they not show their address

Jefferson Vendivil says:


DSLR guy says:

2k selfish guys……….. asshole who unliked this

erick lotus says:

fdsadcxzgs dfwsdf afqac

Andy says:

Ed congratulations on buying your dream car, you’ve cornered a niche market and worked hard to make it a success for you.

Mr.Ventox says:



With 1 million subs how could you afford a lamborghini dude??? Please do answer this one.

Blazicken says:

i’d prlly have picked those exact 3 colors

squidish gamer says:

so can it run csgo?

Luiz Xan says:


Resonator225 says:


Magetan TEAM says:

Why u so rich?

endergamer3001 says:

You must be raking it in

tanaim shareeb says:

next night someone bumps into Ed’s car


because he taped the lights white to match the color scheme

Jake Armas says:

Now put leds on the bottom

WeedWarrior dig flex says:

Now i’m just waiting for him to dbrand the car

O'Reilly The Leprechaun says:

U better wrap it in Dbrand skins

FLOMME says:

congrats! i cant say anything else without sounding cheesy xD

Jaydeep Gaiikwad says:

I think Ed is too tall for this lambo!!

getondwn says:

Grats! Bro you deserve it

Interesting BABA says:

Will you sell it to me

Ben's Light says:

Clash Royale player…I see you 😉

Orlando Colon Jr. says:

Congrats on your new Car! She defiantly is Bad Ass!

Fameroni says:

Some say that Ed got the wettest pussy that night

Priyadarshan Verma says:

I never knew that you played clash Royale too

BlueGalaxySkull 35 says:

Good job

Arda Zoroglu says:

0:40 clash royale

Ramsey lubecki says:

You should start wearing slim or slim fit jeans instead of boot cut they look awkward lmao. I’m just saying you drive a lamb I look the oart(no way am I trying trying to be rude just trying to help)

GingerLion says:

This was me when I built my first pc

buddha needs rice now! says:

your awesome dude!!! hard work pays off. so happy for ya, bruh.

Meer Wan says:

is that ur daily driver car?

GAME inc. says:

Congrats man

school vlog MK says:

Ed you owe me a dollar

24 savage says:

Back in 2014 man I want to buy the aventador but it cost 500k what do I do
Lamborghini: say no more young adult here’s the huracan that cost 200 grand and it’s lighter

FiFa CoStY says:

Rip FaZe rug

Rayyan Adhnan says:

Your red hoody matches the car

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