Car Tech – 2014 Lamborghini Huracan
The new entry-level Lamborghini is fast & light


Christian De Vera says:


jason mijares says:

audi and lambo same thing like sista 

AndyOjoks says:

Intro song!!!! Fela Kuti. ‘Water no get enemy’. i am so excited about this song. my heritage   

MentallyIllDuckTard says:

“Than the old Gallardo” Implying that its old… pffft

Abdulla Adnan says:

It’s Gallardo not Gawwardo…

1boompje says:


haloShAdOwSnIpE says:

Tegra 3? Why not Tegra K1? Seriously wtf.

yashah92 says:

It’s a 5.2 V10 and not a 6.2

Abhi Jain says:

6th :p

NOLAPicasso says:


DavorNL says:

its cute

Corey Brown says:

“ (A) I envy you!” Lmao, Cooley… I’ll come down to San Fran and let you take one for a rip! 

Trahlem says:

It’s soo tiny!! xD

Christopher Endurance says:

love the song in the background…

JonathanLindroos says:

ONE DAY! i’ll get mine.

shit i forgot where i put my prius key T_T

Fawad Karim says:

Lol price?

RAT BURL says:

Nice! Cooley wants one!

Marcus Williams says:

Stay classy San Diego (Ron Burgundy Voice)

stealthmintblue says:


jason mijares says:

audi and lambo are like sisters 

St8Solja says:

The new R8 looks amazing!!!

2swift4taylor says:

Lambos are pretty & all but the countach was the only good one

Nathan D says:

Really a Tegra 3, could have least gotten a Tegra 4 and it’ll be more snappy.

Shayant Sital says:


Cash Daugherty says:

I prefer my Honda Accord EX-L to this midget car, thank you. 

Tyler Vallely says:

Lamborghini said you can fit a 6 foot 5 inch person in there…interesting

Ziich says:

tegra 3 lives on

TheGarvito says:

show us carplay!

Chad Dean says:

Amazing color

players_vip21 says:

Looks so much better with black rims

RedStefan says:

Would’ve loved it more if it had v12 engine.

kaligula4life says:

Could someone be so kind and explain me the usage of this car? I mean, it is a piece of beauty, however even if you are filthy the only place you could drive this thing is from one gas station to another, you’ re always prone to burglary, you always get attention, God forbid you damage it…you can’t carry stuff and so on and so on.. so why do people waste money on this? Vanity?

Agash Ragunathan says:

What a beauty!

Jamil Mukhtar says:

Nice to hear the legend Fela’s music introduce this nice video

Mostafa Hany says:

It is a 5.2 liter not 6.2

nosakhare osarenkhoe says:

The music is by Fela Kuti. He’s a Nigerian musical legend.

AssociatedTechnology says:

What is the intro song?

Danial Rohmat says:

Hell yea

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