CNET On Cars – 2014 Lamborghini Aventador: What more can we say? ​ – Ep. 47

Lamborghini Aventador: How do you explain a supercar? Is there any tech to save kids left in cars? And we explain the coming revolution in drive-by-wire cars.


garydeandeery says:

I see one of these the other day and went all over it and wow it’s big wide and low just amazing

theshonen8899 says:

The headlight information in this video is completely wrong.
1. Don’t buy headlight restoration kits. They’re ripoffs and the jump in grits make the overall headlight quality awful. I kept using these thinking I was doing something wrong but the reality is that they’re just useless.
2. All you need to restore headlights is sandpaper, masking tape, and scratch remover. Get every 500 grit between 1000 to 3000 (you can get lower than 1000 if your headlights are really bad).
3. Tape off the car around the headlights (TWO LAYERS, one won’t be enough) and wet sand the lights BY HAND (the drill does not make things noticeably faster and makes getting into tight corners much more difficult). Start from lowest grit all the way to 300. You can sand for however long you want but I’ve been getting good results with just a minute or two for each grit.
4. Finish it off with scratch remover. I’ve been going between using ScratchX and Turtle Wax Headlight Cleaner and Sealant and don’t see any noticeable difference. If you have any you can also use Ultimate Compound before scratch remover to get a nicer shine. The scratch remover part is important, it’s what gives the headlights that clean shine.

Overall the job takes half an hour to an hour and the results look phenomenal. Plus, it doesn’t require any tools that you shouldn’t already have or won’t use for something else in the future. Makes professional headlight cleaning and headlight kits a big, fat ripoff.

Fart Ing says:

That’s the best colour combo! Stunning!

smasila says:

Lamborghini is Italian. Meaning it will start to fail in 6 months.

Colin says:

you need a v12 because theres nothing else like it? theres nothing like getting shot in the face either, but ill pass

Jacinto Reign says:

why dont put as radar in your car. I have 2 cabrios with build in radar so when i leave the car with the roof down and people lean into my car, the Alarm goes of…

Sammy says:


Joe Blo says:

i leave my kids in the car but i dont 4get them. i love them, they are not accidents. i would never forget then

LiquidNitrogenCola says:

saab had drive by wire in ’91

Nammo300win says:


Techorexia says:

Make a kid/pet mode…

Install a hydralic pusher into the door on the drivers side of the vechical…

And then… The car will keep open the door and an alarm on your phone together with an beep will alarm you 😉

King tygrus says:

adds up to 98%
what about the other 2%?

Jet IceBane says:

what kind of idiot parents leave their kids in the car, even for 10 minutes? wtf

ghaith khadour says:

Why don’t they create something that detect carbon dioxide and also a temperature gauge inside the car so that if carbon dioxide was detected and the temperature inside the car accede a dangerous temperature the car would turn on, blast the AC and let down all the windows.

djbrianc says:

The problem with this show is it views tech like your typical consumer electronics geek. The Aventador has tech like F1 push rod adjustable suspension. Tfc screen. Hi tech construction. You know. The kind of tech that one that cares about the driving would care about.

Frank Kwok says:

Great tech! Enjoy your show. Thank you

supercooled says:

can’t afford a lamb yrt but a mustang gt and that’s about faster than 90 percent than most cars on the road.

Awesome JJ says:

Who’s watching this in DECEMBER?

Eduardo Lozano says:

14:49 nice DeLorean in the back! 😀

Marc Van Masten says:

italian style, unbeatable

a1duzit says:

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen

Mark Batarina says:

You know you’re a shitty parent when you have to put your “valuables” like a smart phone or laptop in the back seat just so you can remember that your child is there…

James Bray says:

I’m appalled to think people are less likely to forget their briefcase than their child. Wow.

MrYour101 says:

I know someone who owns a Tesla model s and they left their dog in the car with the AC ON FULL with a Akita in the back seat some chick broke the fricken window and called the police and they ended up arresting her.

Adam Becker says:

Getting that thing home in the garage in one piece after every joy ride would be a relief.

Manish Niraula says:

curiosity is able to test the sand samples in Mars and there is no technology to know that a child or pet is left behind even in this type of expensive cars. My faith on humanity is decreasing nice car though.

Martin Espinoza says:

It’s not a good idea to leave kids in cars whether you can keep the car cool, or not. But with that said, some cars have a solar sunroof that will run the blower motor if you leave it in the sun.

raheel saleem says:

idiots ..when these cars get old and all the computers not gonnna work so thn what with electrical steering ? … old mercedes and other cars have millions of problems now a days …. even when there was no computer ..

static says:

looks ugly stock. needs a drop badly. and the convertible makes it look 10 times uglier

reyzuna says:

did you guys ask your self what would happen if the battery suddenly out of juice while driving in a fast road, how the hell are you going to to steer and brake if all of that is only working when the car is on?? 

Timothy Wong says:


uzernam3 says:

1:23 Behold….. the Panty Dropper

N.C. says:

Still can’t get over the fact that this $450,000+ Lamborghini has an old Audi system as it’s centre console tho.

Lamy says:

which review is where he says “ugly is included at no extra cost”. i so want to see it all

John Sneddon says:

The exhaust note of that engine is like an orchestra of excellence. 

sfneurosurgeon says:

Save a few hundred grand and buy a Lamborghini Huracan.

lolyermad says:

hahahahahaha woooooow what a juvenile, arrogant, self-consumed, egotistical snob of a human being.
I still love it though rofl.

Calvin Wong says:

I remember seeing a Citroen close to where I lived, the car made an impression because it looked different from the other cars, and the car was able to adjust its ride height.

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