Delivery of a 2019 Lamborghini URUS in Rosso Anteros!!!

Heather Ballentine, Lamborghini sales specialist gives you an overview of an 2019 Lamborghini URUS in Rosso Anteros to her client and shares his amazing spec.

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Songs in Order:

Spring Colour – Cospe

Lamborghini Uptown Toronto
230 Sweetriver Boulevard
Vaughan, Ontario L6A 4V3

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steelersfan0714241 says:

I think black rims would have looked better, but it still looks amazing

Carlove D86 says:

Nice spec

SupaDupaUpa says:

not crazy about that shade of red..

Daniel Thomas says:


blairjayson says:

C’mon guys, let’s get her to 100k subs. Less than 10k to go!

Magnetic Boy says:

Which is the car at 0:15 ???? Pls anyone tell me. It looks badass

MrRoadRage says:

Was that really a delivery video?

Anonymous User says:

The Urus sucks. I’d go for a Bentayga well before this. It can do more, has better technology and even better gas mileage.

the Jeep Guy says:

holy orange peel batman!

Shawn Schoonmaker says:

You’re a Winner Heather!
You know sales. Continue to raise the bar.

SLYx207z says:

Correction guys… SSUV not just an SUV. It is the only one introducing in this category. 😉

christner belina says:

i love this car especially you !

felipe valenzuela says:


cars acc says:

To make it Simple , color : Ferrari Red

Madhavi Singh says:

Those wheels look bad.

Marius S says:

Everything is absolutely amazing on this car beside the name given… I don’t know why but awkwardly Urus sounds kind of Anus

zarbon700 says:

Urus = Redesigned & Modded Audi Q8

Wesley Savage says:

Tesla model X is way better

mccali says:

rosso anteros just say red lol quick and simple for crying out loud

Zay Emmanuel says:

Hey heather love your videos also I’m wanting to buy a Lamborghini but what one should i get thanks

Ely Romero says:

Lamborghini that’s cool the rich person’s car is coming out with SUV style car’s .

Ryukou36 says:

@Heather Ballentine, 0:33 someone need to talk, to the detailer guy. A expensive brand new car and that paint looks awful, what a shame. :/

descz. says:

Very good looking color but just its not for the urus..

joey William says:

What a stunning spec

Godwind Racing says:

3:11 Dear Lamborghini, B&O are nice but I think Alpine and you are a match in heaven like it was pre-1998

Follow The White Rabbit says:

314000? I have a X5M with a much better spec than this, not only do I get flames out the back with akrapovic exhaust when I down shift, but its also 0 – 100 in 3.4 seconds and I bought it for less than half that price! You’re paying for the brand people, save your money!

Kirill says:

New paint and scratched already, ouch.

smch88 says:

What’s the song

Corrie Johnson says:

What is the color on that SV behind the Urus? That is the one I care about!

Bassil & Co says:

I will give krispy kreme to people who can read arabic

IIceColld1 says:

Driving that thing in cdn winter.

Adnan604 says:

Whats wrong with the paint? I’m watching in 4K and in the up close shots you can see some orange peel texturing and fine lines.

Ricki G says:

Is it just me or does the exhaust on right side looks off a bit compared to left at 4:03?

Craig Anthony says:

Compared to the sensonum system that I have in my SV, my iPhone sounds better. It’s about time Lambo put a good sound system in their super cars.

Dapizan Sky says:

the price doesn’t sound luxurious…

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