Driving Lamborghini Aventador S! [Auto Focus Ep. 2]

Hands-on with the most expensive car with Apple CarPlay 👀

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BoostedPrince says:

welcome to florida. lol

Austin Crenshaw says:


mahir minhaj says:

carplay vs android auto

Jaihindh Reddy says:

NOT RED. cmonBruh

Morana st.hilaire says:

Wow you guys were in Florida ,Awesome , y’all passed by one of my favorite spots

orsan hassan says:

I think uploading such a video to a channel with +6M subs is not acceptable, there are thousands of well made videos on youtube about cars tech and many more about cars in general, maybe you haven’t enough time learning from others how these kind of videos should’ve made.
You are a smart guy, you know that this video is not good maybe if asked Lamborghini to take the car for a second run I don’t thunk the will let you back.
And yes I will wait for the next episode cause I’m sure you will make it the best you can.

DonV says:

No, I won’t buy it because it doesn’t support android not because I am broke ;p

F says:

Yeah this was horrible Marques, sorry. But look at the software from audi MMI2G and 3G from 15 years ago, it is pretty much this. Sound was off and you seem scared of the car. You honestly feel apply car play is good and you drive a Tesla day to day?, You are better than this.

Thomas Johnson says:

What a waist of a million dollar car

Ross Firman says:

Did not like the transitions the sound doesn’t match the car and speed etc – I know it’s about Apple CarPlay but still think this could of been down better

Chris Cuben says:

If you’re watching this (like me) you will probably never buy this car. I only came here to see a Lambo vs Tesla showdown. CarPlay be damned — let’s burn some rubber.

Trevor Kruse says:

Minnesota GreyDuck

Brian-Paul Viscomi says:

But he didn’t reveiw the actual stereo for the bass heads 🙁

Chinmay Gupta says:

That screen is kinda tiny though, even the Volkswagen Passat has a bigger screen than that, I’m sure they could fit something bigger in a car that expensive…

AeroHil says:

This is what Casey does on his day off vlogging …

Emmanuel Rovirosa says:

can we get an auto focus on that tacoma that was with you!

Joseph Bon says:

MKBHD Translator:
“Let’s move to new location” -> “Lemme just make sick car noises instead of some other transition”


Cars and tech I like it.

Elle F says:

My Mitsubishi Mirage has Android Auto and Carplay. It also gets over 50mpg most of the time 🙂

gaurav nayi says:

A great location for making video.u r best for choosing seen sight.

Cristian Iulian Dragota says:

The correlation between sound and video is really bad as others mentioned. Please be careful on the future.


Lambo sounds like it has a sore throat.

Fa1r says:

Nice production value. Like the video a lot. Any plans already for Auto Focus Ep. 03?

Bansi khunt says:

But does it has Autopilot mode?….NO!!!

Barn3ttGaming says:

You were in my city.

BokscarTube says:

Nice to be reminded how poor we all are I guess..

John Ralph says:

You’re in an Aventador and you wax on about CarPlay? What’s the matter with you?

Aneesh Ramaswami says:

Sees a Lamborghini Aventador S. Interested in it… because of Apple Play… smh 😀

8PL0 says:

The car fit him very well

__________ says:

It looked like he was afraid to drive it

Cam Ale says:

the ultimate flex video.

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