FIRST LOOK: Lamborghini Huracan Performante & Italdesign Zerouno

The wraps are off the Nurburgring slaying Huracan Performante! Shortly after Lamborghini announced their 6:52.01 lap time at the Norschleife, the car is here for all to see at the 2017 Geneva Motorshow.

As one of a number of reveals during the VAG Group night, the new Lambo is alongside the super-exclusive Italdesign Zerouno, a car of which only 5 will be produced with technical design and eccentric looks.

We can also see the Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid, a full blue carbon Bugatti Chiron and a number of other models from the group.

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Lysandro Gamer says:

Is the porsche going to the replacement for the FF

skipper says:

What is expected of Lamborghini is design and sound, not lap record.
So, I always feel Lamborghini is a car for the bravado.

Adamini says:

Is it me or does the Chiron look purple? XD

Oliver Turner says:

is it just me or does the back of the hurracan performante look really ugly

Steven Macdonald says:

Spoiler totally ruins the car’s lines.

Rons Rides says:

I love the back end of the Performante much more than the base Huracan!

0moroccan4alld4y0 says:

Lamborghini really need to start using the kappa emote

Lamborghini Mechanical says:

Shee150 are you planning to buy a car from lamborghini??? That would be really epic!!!!!

Steffen Buettner says:

Personally, I’m still calling BS on the ‘record’…

KAT_that_loves_DINOSAURS xD says:

Weels look sooo ricer. 🙁

Ty Ty says:

Hi shmee

vitesh sewnarain says:

5:02 very nice looking car a future classic

Nickubus99 says:

Zero Uno is horrendous

sofian senac says:

The lap time is real guys :
damn, this car has some bulls in it to beat a 918.

Erik says:

Lap time fake or not, the wheels look delicious to me!

John Bach says:

The huracan and the zerouno really speak to me, it’s in your face.

Roland. S says:

ooooh that PANAMERA TURBO S is the perfect daily driver for you my friend!

Sebas987 says:

This car obliterates that scumbag car of de P918 (?)

StriderCX says:

It’s simple math. This car is 40 kilos lighter, hence, 36 seconds faster than the regular Huracan. 1.11 kg = 1 second. The strips on the side add 1,000,000,000 HP. The Performante badge adds another 1,000,000,000 HP. The spoiler, why that adds 2,000,000,000 HP. Lamborghini also kidnapped a fairy and made it sprinkle magic speed dust on the Huracan.

Oh yeah and they also paid off Nurburgring employees.

Marius Andersson says:

Will the Sport Turismo also be available in Turbo S Hybrid?

da12ius says:

Your Geneva vids are quite polished. Well done. Easier to wait for Catchpole.

Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas says:


mrzoperxplex says:

That Bugatti is still one of the ugliest sports cars ever made.

Murat Harman says:

No way in hell did this car crack 7 minutes around the ‘Ring !

488 GTB has a slightly higher power to weight than the Performante and it’s best time is 7:21

soubido says:

those forged carbon pieces are so sexy omfg

Kolinu2 says:

The Huracan Performante has a secret to get it round that Ring so fast….. it’s the Tricolore go-faster stripe. Simple, but clearly very effective.

Corky Wells says:

Please don’t refer to the Huracan Performante as the “Nurburgring track-slayer”, we all know that the claim of 6:52 is a complete lie.

Sam Harrison says:

Zentorno in real life…

Vincetagram says:

remember how people started making crazy twin turbo gallardo superleggera builds? get ready to see them with the performante

James Mason says:

Italdesign Zerouno. Best looking Aston martin ever. Seriously, a hybrid of Lamborghini and Aston is a great great mix.

Nathan .W says:

Lap wasn’t faked.

Lighter + more aero than 918 = faster cornering speed on a track with lots of fast corners
4 Years of tyre development on a pirelli tyre that was already sticker than the 918s michelins
The 918s batteries didn’t last a full lap so It was down on power.
still AWD so doesn’t lose time on tight corners.

Miura LL says:

that italdesign i dont like

GarbisOnTheGo says:

why on earth would they copy mclarens rear pipes

killamist666 says:

Forged carbon, Don’t see that much.

LouisEguchiWale says:

Where’s the dynamic range yo

Scrap Man Dave says:

II don’t know how it is faster than the 918 and P1

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