François Gissy Bicycle World Record 207 mph 333 km/h

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On November 7th of 2014, on the famous Circuit Paul Ricard located at Le Castellet in South of France, François Gissy has reached an incredible speed of 333 km/h on the rocket-propelled bicycle designed by his friend Arnold Neracher. More than 300 km/h on a skinny and completely stripped bicycle, this is amazing, and crazy! Who thought that one day a daredevil on a bicycle, with a rocket under the saddle, could travel the quarter mile in less than 7 seconds?

Data of the fastest run set on 7 November 2014:
Peak speed: 333 km/h (207 mph) attained after around 250 meters

Design: Arnold Neracher
Rider: François Gissy

Many thanks to the Circuit Paul Ricard

Exotic Thermo Engineering would like to thank:
The staff of the Circuit Paul Ricard
TF1 Automoto
Daily Planet – Discovery Channel / Exploration Production Inc.
France Télévisions – France 3 Côte d’Azur / Var
Scai-tech Aero Mr.Alain Ferri
Éric Hélary
Colombo Challenge
And all people, friends and family members who have helped us.


FilteringDisabled says:

really? a feather with nitro vs a heavy fast piece of metal? kill me plz

Steve Wolfe says:

Put some wings on it and stop the hype

Lj jk says:


Dan Sotelo says:

Hey life is short. Make fun all you want but in life you either play it safe and work 40 hrs a week till ya die and no one cares. Or be flat broke and convince a few folks to finance your crazy dream so you can change bicycle history which Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), started and leave a legacy the entire world will remember and inspired by. Live life to its fullest, and be glad you’re still alive, and while you’re thinking about this quote, think about something you always wanted to do that’s freaking crazy and JUST FUCKING DO IT!
Said with Love, Sincerely Dan (:

Павел Еникеев says:


julian soba says:


loss panchoss says:

funniest race on youtube!!

WhiteDeath PL says:

Does anyone knows what bicycle is?

Umiyyo Masamune says:

ferrari left behind that was amusing @.@ hahhah

diantre creagh says:

how’d the tires not rip apart and send him flying so a sandpaper like death!???

The space Doge says:

Why buy a ferrari when u can buy this

mashed potato says:

he should have put a few cards on the spokes of the wheels

Ashley Winters says:


soundseeker63 says:

Imagine how much better if everyone in big cities used on of these instead of their cars! No more traffic jams ever!

Plamy Caster says:

what the fuck 207 mp/h bikecycle.oh that very crazy


A human missile.

Andrzej Ładak says:

jak to możliwe

Shivam Gaming says:

A man buys a Robot and brings it home to his wife and son.
Son: “What is it?”
Dad: “It’s a lie detector robot”.
Son: “No way!”.
Dad: “It really is. Here goes, why weren’t you at school today?”
Son: “I WAS at School!”
The Robot slaps the son.
Son: “OK! OK! I snuck out with a friend to watch a movie!”
Dad: “Oh… Which movie was it?”
Son:”…The new one…”Fast and Furious 12″…”
The Robot slaps the son.
Son: “OK! OK! It was a porn movie!”
The Robot slaps the Father.
The mother laughs out loud: “Well, he IS your son…”
The Robot slaps the mother.

Bluestone- Gaming BG says:

that jet must be over engineered

zach wasil says:

well if Guiness does classify this as a “bicycle” record then at least i know not to waste my time reading that worthless book.

Chris Duke says:

At this time there are 2,100 thumbs down. Probably just a bunch of asshats who think there should be a law against making jet bikes. Fuck em!

Great job Francois, and thanks for posting rocketman340!

Blacklizt FelixErik says:

Tyres durability is worrying..

Erroll Leggo says:

Crazy ass frenchman Mad props though. Francois, don’t kill yourself please.

serena pokemon says:

I am gonna slap one of these to my rc f1 car XD

World of Warcraft. Мувики и машинима says:

333 o_O

Mantas Jurksa says:

how those bicycle tires maintain grip?

Haripazha Aezakmi says:

Will the break work?

박성준 says:

it sounds like an airplane wtf

Sp1c3 says:

Fuck lambos. now i got this :DDDDD

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