How It Works: Lamborghini Huracan Performante Tech

Quick overview of what makes the Lamborghini Huracan Performante works. The tech is pretty sick and no doubt will be copied by others

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Torrey Ellison says:

This should prove to people that horsepower isn’t everything there are cars with well over 1000 horsepower that can’t outrun this car Focus says:

Do you think you will get the Performante?

Anderson C says:

Terrific explanation of the tech of the Performante!! Hopefully you will be able to do a road test too in the future…

Tomedelic1 says:

Thanks for explaining. Love the in depth. Love the looks in orange and the Italian stripe. Love the new wheel designs too. What would you choose?

Maur Ice says:

I enjoyed your review! What brand sneakers are you wearing?

venom5809 says:

Nice video and the tech seems cool at face value. However I can’t wait until the Performante gets released to the public and is put up against other cars and gets smashed. If Lamborghini was actually this good and this fast they would race like how Ferrari, McLaren, Ford and Mercedes do. I’d like to see if it could even take out a 488 or a 720S and work our way up from there.

ceall kelly says:

Amazing how the Huracan is an LP640 now. Just a few years ago the “big brother” the Murcielago, was considered an LP640! Crazy how these cars are evolving so fast.

dimos15 says:

nice but it looks ugly from the front

ben yup says:

its not faster than the 918 but thats not a big deal. However a manufacturer who has to lie about lap times says alot about how theyre being left behind by the competition.

Mad9977 says:

awesome video Docta =)

Daniel Shulman says:

Those wheels are so sexy!

drummergelly says:

I thought you did a great job adding details that I hadn’t heard or read yet. Like the difference between the rear vents, one for exhaust and one for the aero vectoring. Thx.

Michel Waldhof says:

Was good fun seeing you the other day :p Great Video about the Huracan. I hope to see you around monaco again 🙂 have a good one

john doetwo says:

Should I get an automatic Murcielago -VS- a manual Gallardo as my first Lambo? No matter what I get I plan to trade it in eventually for this Huracan Performante!

Felipe Rebêlo says:

Would you rather own a X6M ou Cayenne Turbo S?

Vincetagram says:

when you realize docta m3 was given a job application as a lamborghini spokesperson after the video

AwkwardYet says:

Aero just like pagani

Carlos Orozco says:

The Performante is awesome! That’s crazy with what they did with the wing!

Chuck Tate -D117 says:

Lamborghini is forcing other super car makers to really step up their game! It should really scare them just based on the fact that Lamborghini hasn’t even used a hybrid system for additional power yet!

WRXer says:

This video is gonna get big I bet. Good shit! also so close to 100k subs!

Alonzo Coleman says:

I have a question what if you never had any experience in driving any type of a 5speed is it possible to drive one of these Lamborghini

Kevykaybash says:

Gorgeous vehicle.. aerodynamics is everything!

Fur Gulley says:

thank you for always pronouncing huracan correctly! you’re in rare company.

projectcars823 says:

Hey, I was the parked car that flashed my lights at you this morning (Wednesday)

Tedward says:

Get this man to 100k!

KAL EL says:

You are my YouTube HERO!!!!!

secretcctvcamera says:

Having a quick glimpse at the script or memorized? Also, where did you get those animations from like at 3:06?

steve STAR says:

Only a high school kid would be caught driving a car with that stupid ghetto wing!

HannibalACP82 says:

Best video on how this ALA system works. The trick with the vents in the wing blow my mind.

Samuel Jones says:

This ALA tech totally took me by surprise. Especially from Lambo. Game changer.

UnknownDev says:

Just Amazing

Qatar cars says:

Early congrats on 100K!

TurnTheBeastModeOn ! says:

Where was this? 😀

Ben Porter says:

Very interesting design on the wing. Thank you for explaining it. The ring time is looking more feasible now.

BeFree says:

The only one explanation of ALA system I understood.

LarsSTS says:

The only thing I’m missing is a single clutch. Near perfect

Z zz says:

Just stick to public reactions to your cars, sorry but work as a car journalist* doesn’t work decently. Create your content from having a supercar perspective. You’re missing big opportunities

courtney Vegan says:

how many are they going to build?

///One.Lawless says:

meh still cheap interior

The Mask Mannequin says:

omg this is so beautiful!!

Gifto Sojan says:

amazing car but I would choose the aventador s

Carspotter Jeroen says:

Great car, but I was a little disappointed about the looks. The Forged Carbon looks sick, the center exhaust also but the car missing some ”extreme looks”.. Loved to see some side-fenders etc.

OmarDaily says:

That Performante is gorgeous!!!

richieduck67 says:

thanks Docta M3 have you ordered one as yet?

Joe Norenberg says:


Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' says:

looks nice and you can tell you know what you talking about vs these other youtubers

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