How Lamborghini’s Asterion LPI 910-4 technology works

Lamborghini Asterion’s hybrid architecture explained: an electric motor incorporating an integrated starter motor and generator (ISG), 2 electric motors at the front axle. This system allows the Asterion two different driving modes: in hybrid mode it is combining the V10 engine with the 3 electric motors guaranteeing a permanent four-wheel drive without being dependent on the battery’s state of charge. In pure electric drive mode only the two electric motors in the front are used.

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Ritchie Figueroa says:

I hate it

10NUTZEUS says:

looks like Forza Motorsport

M7mmad Basam7 says:

Pleas dont downsize ur engines or turbo charge them plz

commocionador 18 says:


David Shekelstein says:

IMO the best looking lambo to this date is the avetador

Lamborghini says:

Pioneering a new vision: discover *how the **#LamboAsterion**‬  technology works*. #Lamborghini  

blabla bla bla says:

i will bought this one

neill russell says:

They are so cool

Emka953 says:

 I Love Lambos so much

Snikker Snakker says:

look reminds me of stingray

Miqdad Ali says:

LAMBO people! you can do a better job at making these videos, so do a better job at animations and stuff. and i still think you guys make the best cars… i don’t know why

Rafael Nguyen Alvarez says:

My #future electric car.


Awsome tech

Ryder ss says:

Look like a lamborghini miura 😀

ELIT∃ says:


Tobi Lang says:

Wow great Work!

elvis andres says:

Surprising is beautiful clap , clap

Randell Trulson says:

I don’t know who did your CG work for that….eh, next time contact me.

Redd Wolf says:

Interesting looking forward for more info about this car. Doesn’t look like a Lambo looks odd, but i guess that’s what’s so attractive about it 😉 

elwulfo666 says:

this has to be made, but lighter and with the v12 from the aventador and then there should be a race series for the P1, the 918, the LaFerrari and this one.

jonaet islam says:

please give lambhorghini more speed please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lex_ston Iris says:

 Lamborghini почему у вас так дешево реализовано,в следующий раз доверьте Polyphony Digital эту работу. Вы делаете лучшие автомобили,неужели нет денег на нормальный промо ролик????

Lugaw Kinamay says:


robo says:

pls chat with tesla

commocionador 18 says:


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