How much did you pay for the Lamborghini? – AskEd #13

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jutting Forrest says:

“I’m not rich”
*Buys a $240k car.

Bro, that ain’t a business expense or an investment. Don’t insult our intellegence. Be proud. You do very well, obviously.

Emily Fanch says:


MiKO says:

U are just my role model. I want to Build PC´s like you ! Best YT-ber

Exiust - Rocket league says:

If you can afford a 240k Lamborghini without going bankrupt you are rich
No hate

Ahmed Hemeda says:

What is your twitch? Because I want to watch you

HexGaming I Play Games says:

If you have an expensive car most people treat you like shit because they assume your an ass hole already

bad kid says:

Russian?…cyka blyat

FlamableZ says:

u a legend u like db super

Bock4life says:

Do you cosplay

GoldenFew says:

Where does he gets his color cables for the pc’s ?

URIAH Macias says:

8:40 lmao R.I.P Ed

T.K Waters says:

can u sell the pc to us for money

Doody Sun says:

Armenian mother fucker shit

Short LEGO Movies says:

You have a phone case for 700$!?!??!?!

Neptas says:

3:28 Licking a 7 inch RAM.

Jan Pul says:

My celebrity crush is Shailene Woodley too!!

Diddeboj says:

Can i use my Intel i5 6600k does it still hold up?

J3SUs RULZ says:

Twee hundwed questions

TheJackson 5 says:


Gabriel De Guzman says:

watch Bocu No Pico

Gaming Zone says:


DbsFanboy 111 says:

The first joke was dope.

Michael Joyce says:

he got his car with


dead meme much hahahahaha

im sorry dor waating your time

Xerox says:

My dream tech is a full dive vr headset. that shit would be cool.

Mohasin Khan says:

Has a Lambo and Is Not rich.. -_-

DarkZDarkZ says:

not rich, has a lambo????

Randomly Olivia says:


Jefferson Famor says:

lol that intro tho!!

JRDN says:

My favourite movie is lion king as it was born in my year and a great movie

Fardowsa Osman says:

tech source can you send me a cs go physical disc of it

Jeet Singha Roy says:

Very glad to hear that you watch dbs

Oliver Helenius says:


Martin Křivánek says:

Why would you need a robot if there are women out there?

GoldenFew says:

You should watch hunterxhunter

fake yeezys says:

I’m not rich – techsource
buys a 240k car

The Cortex says:

Your dream tech is a mom

TheMihe says:

Oh hi Ed, i just want to ask you if you should give any graphich card my computer have just 4 gb of Ram and worst processor. I would like if you can sent me one graphic card something like gtx 750 ti i dont care wich is but i just want to play fortnite. My instagram @mihe_29

Jacob Ashburner says:

7 inches I feel sorry fro you

Arnmazing says:

no you can’t lick a ram those are volatile….

Minor_Gaming says:

Ed: there is nothing to loose by downloading the app

Doody Sun says:

would you unbox your girl friend pussy for us

Rype Uploads says:

Who’s Elena?

Sheldon_o says:

watch initial d

Mega says:

7 inches only? You have failed me.

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