Huracán Performante: How the ALA (Lamborghini Active Aerodynamics) works

How the ALA, Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva, allows the Huracán Performante to break the record at Nürburgring. Find out more:

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Ferrari Di Cacca says:

The best car ever!

Antonio Debono says:

i have 3 dollars

陳勁安 says:

what’s the song’s name?

Bahadır Onur Güdürü says:

1:09 I don’t think it works like that. Downforce on all wheels is required, sorry Lamborghini Engineers.

TechVids says:

My one is blue Aventador

Dertzey says:

Work from age 6 to 60

Supergalaxy XD says:

Pff the best its 458 italia

Creeperhead007 says:

Lamborghini giveaway

Sunil More says:

And it’s correct that you are not a supercar like other stpd cars you are my favourite Lamborghini

ROBLOX Player says:

oh my fucking gosh this car is a waste of money can’t even go faster than the fucking tesla

sllliy says:

whats the song??

Michelle Klein says:

I have that car

Rust128 says:

Lamborghini? Active?! Aerodynamics??!! Hahaha!! xD
Russian T-90 tank best of the best of-the-bestofthebestof…

Arya Pallavarapu says:

jake paul and logan paul are getting this

Ferrari Di Cacca says:

Ferrari suck my dick with passion!!!

Luccas Senna da Costa says:

Does Anyone knows this song’s name?

Justin S says:

Why does Lamborghini have a YouTube channel?

Curtis Lui says:


BananaSlayer says:

0:40 The back kind of reminds me of the Sesto Elemento for some reason.

Ajay Kumar says:


erikig says:

I didn’t quite understand how great this system was until I saw the newest +MotorTrend review. Active Aero is not new but its inclusion inside the components of the air splitter and wing are. It is also pretty impressive to see the system’s ability to work laterally instead of front-to-back. Aero-vectoring and DRS for the street.

Kudo’s to Lamborghini for this technical fete. I can’t wait to see what’s next? Exhaust blown wings? Active flying buttresses? Aerodynamic push pull suspension components?

Анна Архипова says:

У Пагани Уайры покруче будут системы то)

Crustyto3z says:

Pagani did this since 2013

野中康平 says:


Guillaume Pellegrini says:

Now put this technology on the Aventador!

joey tivianne says:

Really this ala system is sooo cool man , just the upgrade of only 29 hp caused it to be the best around green heel jeez

Games Archive says:

Thats how you treat people that are playing over 800.000 thousand$

Do u know de way? says:

We are gona buy in 2 weeks and i better not be dissapointed

jjb_ ninja says:


Sunil More says:

Lambo I love you you are the most favourite car for me ican’t discriminate there are tears in my eyes I wish I get to sit in each model of Lamborghini I just love you

Saga Blm says:

better then flappy huayra

Maj0r says:

Who is going to rob a bank with me?

Zero Two 002 says:

i need the spoiller onley and the i can bexome the beat ricer in the world

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