Huracán Performante: Sculpted by the wind

The highest performance and achievements on track reflected in its name: Huracán Performante. New lightweight technologies, active aerodynamics with aero vectoring (the ALA system, “Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva”), a new set-up of chassis. Discover more on

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Jimmy Li says:


shadow stalker ??? says:

Its a hurracabot

Rafi10 says:

#lambo is the best

Akshay S S says:

Wow!! It gave goosebumps all over me…Just Wow!!

Ira Kapustina says:


Fatima Naqvi says:

#My lamborghini

Паша Недофоров says:

Ламборгини самая охуеная фирма

xoxoeli youtube says:

They are so lit I want to get one

Dennis Anonymous says:

Awsome Car! My Dream Car! i have found only one thing i think you could change and that are the shifting pedals they be better on the steering wheel ; )

Mr Perfectionist says:

This Hurácan Perfomante is better than the regular Hurácan

vinay d'sena says:

the bull will always exceed everyone expectations long live lamborghini

vijey says:


Renzo Montinola says:

Nurburgring is the longest track of all time

Eraz says:

<3 <3 >3 a Lamborgini is the car of my dreams i would do ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING just to touch one

Lil Khaara says:


Edwan Tham says:

I stop….for fuel

Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

Sahara desert run is my drive one day I will

Donnie Johnson says:

Quicker than a sv around the Nurburgring.

JK HINDI says:

Lamborghini venano

theRed Torq says:

Its name “Hurricane” suits it perfectly with no doubt… One more reason to love more my fav. car company… Lambo❤

Fizzy Monkey says:

Like the engine start

ItsVapor says:

Im sorry but you just got rekt by porsche

shadow stalker ??? says:

I howl XD


So how long will it be before that’s broken. Since the Porsche 918 got it taken with almost 400 hp more.

Samee Shaikh - McClure PS (1448) says:


Pradum Sahu says:

This best performance

Buck_ley Scho says:

I love this car but I’m sad that jake paul own one

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