lamborghini Gallardo vs ’18 ford mustang gt race…


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SumLite Cezar says:

Another carbon fiber towel

Gino Sanchez says:

That lam is trash can see by the bumper gap

James Austin says:


Von says:

That lambo should not got beat like that, he can’t drive or.something and I’m a Ford fan

patrick Ashen says:

you being a “car guy” you should have known that the lamb is starting in the wrong gear. You’re acting all surprised that you were pulling on him so hard. maybe thats how you do it in Michigan. lol

Miles Woods says:

ur full ov it, that mustang doesn’t hav a fast start that’s why u wanna always start off on a roll race / it gets fast at thee end / and that lambo needs a tune up or ur friend is faking to gain more subscribers for u

Logical Atheist Channel says:

I would sell that Lamborghini after getting beat by gt mustang stock embarrassing!

Daniel White says:

Yeah he starting in wrong gear

Doggieluv 916 says:

Jus be careful Ford does have a fuel Pump issue tho. Keep up the good videos. DON’T SKIP THE AD’S. I always blame the driver probably doesn’t know how to race. U ALWAYS DOWN SHFIT when doin a rolling race.

88 5.0 E Lopez says:

Just passing by to see them haters do what they do best hate lol

Anastassios Gotoglou says:

Fake the lambo dont push the Gas.
You see behind the other cars

Jorge Rifa says:

But were your surprised?!?!?

Mopar956RT says:

Plus can’t compare old tech to new tech . But dam I’m impressed by the mustang

Ponygt 662 says:

When U are in a Lambo, U need to be in lower gears to get the move, these machines make less torque low down

BLACK05GO1 says:

Guys got 200 lbs of speakers in his Lambo. And how old is that Lambo? That car is so slow.

gtll pooo says:

What subscription do u get from car Gazette ?

victor ST says:

This guy just proved it’s not all about speed that lambo can be slow but yeah it’s got that special feel to it

mrgee six says:

When he first hit the gas in the Lamborghini the look.on his face was this guy was just sandbagging me

Some Dude says:

SOOOO proud of yA MY GUY!!! ya matured BIG TIME and ya winnin races.. BETTER keep it up or i will find ya lol ya winnin dog like i said ..PROUD TO WATCH YA CHANNEL!! keep up the great work!!~

reggie b says:

That’s like a 2003 lambo Gallardo… that’s like me racing my 2019 ZO6 against a 1998 Pontiac trans am ram air…lol they don’t even make Gallardos anymore.

idontlikecops1 In va says:

Your intro is getting old

chuy 123 says:

Slow ass lambo

Micheal Mitchem says:

Mmmmm bro NOW I’m officially sketchy on your profile now. Lol I get the Scatpacks, but THIS! Nawww bro! No matter the year, those things should’ve smoked you. Bro don’t know how to drive tho. Lol You caught a break.


i don’t think the guy was willing to go for it.

the original person of intrest says:

What up motor tube

MR DOG says:

Race the demon!!

z33eric says:

Can’t wait to see this stang hit the dragstrip

Anthony Velazquez says:

That Lambo need a driver mod!

Rob Wwhit says:

Motor tubes new book, ( THE ART OF THE JUMP ) available at Amazon and other fine stores.

Brandon B says:

My v10 m5 will put busses on both of you lol hit me up sometime

alejandro perezchica says:

Bro your videos are too long and boring .. too many ads just go to the point

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