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RSD AMG says:

How do you film your POV drives? Where do you place the Go Pro? Great video as always Parker!

bashar Khoury says:

I started to Love my car and my insurance company for paying 50 jod = 70 USD per year .

Coby Meytin says:

can I have the old wheels?

Cecil Duran says:

Next school prescription okay garlic German chapter stare cap instructor readily.


3:29 – trying to show off belt?

nawzy202 says:

So difference between e63 ans m5 in a drag would be whoever gets the jump

Charles Young says:

i though $175 a month for full coverage with clean driving record was expensive lol

Kabizzy AKA MRIZZY VLOGS says:

if you looking for more car content , click the link down below!!!

UnKnOwN Driftz says:

That would be nice to win March 15th is my bday

Luxury On A Dime! says:

There is insurance that covers exotic/classic cars that have been in accidents. It’s called a “diminished value” policy some states have it and some policies do but it’s something good to look into

Lord Rayden says:

it would be nice if you could tell us what the name of the twisty roads that you drive on. i live in the San Fernando Valley and would like to drive on them as well.

Elias Christensen says:

In Denmark it is -10 C

Adam Raber says:

In Canada ICBC costs 2900 for a 2005 Chevy Colorado (I’m 17)

Blackpopeye55 WAR says:

Man I was paying $960.00 for a mustang v6 every six months in Oakland CA , he’s right try to have a clean record

R Subastin says:

Over the shoulder look is cool…its like I’m a back seat passenger

MwM - Made With Magic says:

The thing is… how is he not over the speed limit and how has noone pulled him over

Mr__JAX YouTube Channel says:

Nice Video Parker. Why not remove the licence plate ?

Stephen Whittingham says:

How about naming your E63 Emma just putting out there lol.

Sherwin Navi says:

what insurance company do you have??

Andrew Logan says:

Video is kind of pointless unless you live in Cali, Hawaii or Massachusetts. All 47 other states base insurance off of credit score

Pedro Rangel says:

What insurance company do you have

Tim Oldland says:

Do you have to declare all the modifications on the Huracan to the insurance company? We do in the U.K. which can utterly destroy your insurance quotes.

Jack Giannelli says:

Love the videos! As well as more luxury cars like yours can you also do some affordable cars or recommended car videos?

MrStarbi says:

Be glad you dont live in Finland.. Car insurance here: a 2000 BMW 323Ci costs 4-500 euros/month! And it´s mandatory, you cant drive your car legally if you dont have insurance. I dont even wanna imagine what it would cost on a lamborghini or any other supercar. Well maybe thats the reason you dont ever see cool cars in here as well as the ridicolous car tax which makes new cars here like 2x more expensive.


this episode seems really good i can tell parker put a lot of effort into this one

joel huggins says:

this edit is great

Akram Adam says:

St.gart as Stuttgart

Stig86 says:

Is f cheap!!!

Negative Creep says:

I was 19 when I bought my 2004 Mach 1 with full coverage, a clean driving record and a multi car discount. Being insured by State Farm in the state of Virginia was $2,800 annually for a car with way less hp than a Lamborghini. That was decace ago though.

Jr's and Sr's Channel says:

Great Video Parker! I’m i the insurance biz and that’s not too bad 🙂 But are the vehicles Commercial/Business rated? Be careful, otherwise coverage can be denied

MulletMachine says:

89 Camaro, $780/ year

Dale Fisher says:

my 2005 IS300 cost more to insure then your Lamborghini…..

Marty Rehfeld says:

Charger scatpack at age 25, Chicago, 2300 a year. So I would say your doing pretty well

Bennett Meier says:

love your channel man, great content. the house looks great but maybe hire a decorator? lots of lost potential, maybe start an art collection?

Drake106cp says:

17:36. $2,453.71 / 6 months. You’re welcome

4u2nvinmtl says:

$0.34 per mile just for insurance is a lot IMHO (or $409 a month). It would be interesting to know the cost to drive per mile (Maintenance + Insurance + Gas + Tickets/Permits/Parking + Approximate Appreciation/Depreciation + Car Payments ÷ Miles Driven So Far = Cost to own per mile). For example my daily driven 09 Jeep SRT8 cost me about $3.48 per mile.

Aaron Calhoun says:

You should call the E63 ‘Harriett’.

Kyle says:

Why don’t you hang anything in your house? Lol

Nasir Ali says:

my sisters chevy cruze cost 2000 dollars for six months

Josh Brookes says:

Those new Rims look fkn maad bro! Bold choice, but def the right one 🙂

hostilityy says:

name the E63 Lupe or guadalupe. puts some variety

Roy Carrillo says:

Basically me. I just purchased my first car, which is a mustang v6. An insurance company wanted to charge me one grand a month! Keep in mind my mustang is 2009. That’s just ridiculous

RSD AMG says:

‘Over the shoulder look’ looks good

Edgar Reyes says:

YES Love the over the shoulders view

Ben O says:

You can file a diminished value claim if your car is crashed.

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