Lamborghini Aventador Cooking the Christmas Turkey

After buying our Christmas turkey, it needed cooking! The best source of flames and heat I know has to be the Aventador LP760 from Oakley Design, fitted with a full titanium exhaust system and ready to spit fire!

I gave them a call, and headed on round to see their new car; wrapped in black chrome, and refitted with a full orange alcantara interior, not mentioning the 60hp power increase and carbon additions including rear spoiler.

It goes without saying that some good heat and flames meant for a cooked turkey, and ready for Christmas lunch!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The interior rev shots and dashboard display is filmed using my Sony Actioncam AS15, the exterior shots on two Sony Handycams.

Thanks for watching, Tim




Camera: Sony CX700


friend49 friend49 says:

804,681 sud

Faruk Öztürk says:

what you think is funny?

P A K U L A says:

nice fake

Gotta confuse the body, right babe? says:

This is gay as fuck

palestine ghost says:

10 hours to cook it :p

Florence Kamau says:

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Shivani gupta says:


JundaComputersGmbH says:

You can’t eat turkey cooked by the exhaust of a car! The turkey is covered in Carbon Monoxide !!! You will DIE of carbon monoxide poisoning if you ingest that carbon monoxide covered turkey, he took one bite and probably spit it out off camera.

Anakly Anakly says:

Rum rum rum rum rum mm rum rum rum

Ryan South says:

most expensive way to cook a turkey

Albert Jay says:


bleach says:

This is a sick OVENtador

Shqiptar Me zemer says:

I see dumb people here on the comment section that actually believe this kind of shit, he is eating an another chicken

indian vines says:

smell like carbon monoxide



Fredson Remond says:

c’est pas un cerf c’est un avion de chasse

VenomKen says:

So many dislikes? Jealous people without the cash cannot just appreciate that the video is for fun?

mustafa mustafa says:

anan i siksin turkler

Jay,Mar Conway says:

that’s crazy

Cars and Engines says:

Most healthy way how to cook your meal 😀


And that’s how you get cancer

FusedCheetah says:

I’m gonna use the Lamborghini Aventador from now on when I cook shit, when I’m rich! XD

Zekrox says:

enjoy the exhaust fumes

Jack McKenney says:

That was so funny! I wish you would do more fun stuff like this with Lambos!

Hamburguesas Gabriel fuentes says:

Shmee old school

John Almodovar says:

Iv done that with my Mercedes soon I’ll open the hood and see if my Mercedes AMG can cook on the motor

Hero komodo Dragon is the best says:

You’re eating an exhaust turkey

류건희 says:


Zaz Gear says:


mashmash says:

now eat it spoiled kid

Fredson Remond says:

c’est une machine

clockman47 says:

thinks tim

cooper moriston says:

stop pulling it back DAMIT!!!

The rebellious Gamer says:

Shmee ur in ripleys 2015 world book for doin this (Tim burton)


Probably it’s now called the OVENTADOR

Gareth 025 says:

Lol petrol coated Turkey

vijay mohan says:

Cooking Turkey with Lamborghini Aventador LP 760.That’s a brilliant idea.

التحدي العراقي says:

ee eeemmmmeeee

Charrito Cacharrito says:

tan mayorcitos y haciendo tonterias y encima se creé importante

wolf gamer says:

mmm carbon monoxide fumes seasoning

Le Gamer says:

Fake ! Because after the chicken smell gaz

Get Fed Nutrition says:

Fantastic content! head over to my channel for similar videos!

AB says:

Idk why this video seems arrogant

amanda alaniz says:

estás bien pendejo

madelief47 says:

Fake or not, I like this kind of humor! In the ’70 it named Monty Pytons Flying Circus!

Lil_Jenky 亲 says:

How long did that even take him to do?

Dread Simulator 2kfuckin'17 says:

Ahh yess. Promoting stupidity at it’s finest.

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