Lamborghini Aventador SVJ World unveil and walk-around! Quail 2018

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The brand new Lamborghini Aventador SV-J LP770! N/A V12! Current Nurburgring champ at 6:44!

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Ali M 750 says:

Wait… both green and the 63 livery are there?

Gamatron LIV3Z says:

Fu-shon-hahhhhh…..=lamborghini Aventavenenoucan svj

ENZOtaki says:

How much? I’ll take 2!

carl guimalan says:

did he say that is the last aventador version?

Christopher Lamour says:

When are they gonna hit at least 1000 hp

Zidan Muhammad says:

It has 770hp same as the centenario but the centenario cost more

kalel Wilson says:

Truly a work of art…. Well done Lamborghini

Francisco Molina says:

All I want to know doc is did you put the order in for one

yegershot says:

Incredible work by Lamborghini.Ferrecio would be proud!

Logan11thMEU says:

how many VJ jokes are we gonna get here ?

007heaven says:

They saved the best looking version till last. Awesome.

Anbarasan says:

Lamborghini fans : watching Lamborghini svj
Fortnite players : watching the supply drop behind the trees

WIPO 04 says:

My new favorite car!!!

Trevor Bruce says:

Heavily modified Aventador. May be special to lamborghini but it wasn’t really a show stopper =(

Bofa Boy says:

Only Ferrari niggas unliked

Garuda X [Yonko] says:

Looks like a riced out ver of the sv. It’s faster but idk man. Maybe just the spec of this is not good

Bofa Boy says:

This is a veneno Aventador

mt46515 says:

1000000000000x better than Centenario and Veneno

Saleen extreme says:


D3vot33nyc says:

4:21 Rich man’s laugh.

Alex Fu says:

You know what? When Stefano Domenicali was the Team Principal of the Ferrari F1 Team, I did not like him at all as he simply couldn’t steer the team in the right direction to win a world championship. But, ever since VW Group hired him and eventually put him to take charge of Lamborghini, I can see what he is trying to do. Lamborghini has long been making the most stunning looking supercars in the world, however people used to challenge Lamborghini is all looks without substance. Having come from F1, the pinnacle of motor racing, he is trying to inject a certain racing capability into the brand so much so that people will now have to give Lamborghini proper respect. Job well done Lamborghini!!

Martin Nicolas Poblete Huitraiqueo says:

Nadie habla español acá? 🙂

Pedro says:

*Throws insufficient money at Lamborghini*

I’ll take one please.

Joey Nice says:

the best v12 in the game for under 1M. At a half a mil, this is a ton of car. what a powe plant. Single clutch haters will chime in shortly.

NTH THN says:

So that’s how it looks like without all the stickers…

the kid says:

Who wants to get that they make another aventador after the svj

レモンセール says:


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