Lamborghini Centenario Press Conference: Highlights

The best moments from the Lamborghini Centenario Press Conference at 2016 Geneva International Motor Show:

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Hell Raiser says:

beautiful,diferent. front side looks like a shark

Number Red says:

“Yea so we’re announcing this new car! Only gonna make like 20 of ’em, and all have been sold already. Tough luck.”

DexterHunter says:

orgoglio italiano

UmbreonHD says:

whoever disliked is wrong here

ShionShinigami says:

Stephan Winkelmann was such a good man for Lamborghini. So sad, that he has to go to Audi…

khirou chadi says:

a real perfection <3

Tyler Zang says:

i fucking love Lamborghini’s. I can’t get over the look. My dream is to buy 1. one day I will.

Dragonfire6052 says:

It looks lime a huracan in steroids

Zaferkhan Zk says:

very good lamborghini keep it up this car huracana brother

Suhail Khan says:

Lambo is a class !!

Stefano Bonetti says:


Isa Bell says:


Maximilian Freund says:

nice car


The lights look like the Bugatti Chiron or the Chiron gt

TeteusFX says:


polychronio says:

wew really beautiful car….italian art…!!!

Colds says:

I think that look is growing on me

zrrox says:

Looks a lot like the Asterion with a bit of the Veneno

Renan Borja says:

Very incredible.

Rivera Arias says:

que bueno esta

Kesra Vatan says:


PROcrastiDRIVE SV says:

Another beautiful, amazing, definitive super sports car from Lamborghini!

102ndcar says:

What’s the innovation? Another v12 carbon bodied car that looks like an aventador and veneno/sesto had a baby

danushka karunarathna says:

I like to your car

Gulag says:

One dislike from a Ferrari fanboy.

SMOSAR says:

Thank you Stephan!

tail ramdom says:

all models have been sold

Harith Izzuddin says:

That was sick

jordanio Gomes de lima Gomes says:

e massa d++++


1st. I love the Centenario!

AdrenoFX says:

thats’a nice car lamborghini made there!

sylverckerjp says:

100 years of
Lamborghini owner

ultimate jdm says:


Matthew Combo says:

she’s beautiful but my favorite stay the Aventador xD

Bojidar Martinov says:

OMFG…I’m in love! BUT why only 20, this one looks way better than the Aventador. …..

100s says:

Hook me up

Omar Farooq says:


Eduardo Rojas says:

esta chido berdad

Landrio says:

Low cost version of Aventador I think lol

carlitos 950 says:

i love this car

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