Lamborghini Countach & Lamborghini LM002: The Rambo Lambo Truck Driven

( ) Long before the Cadillac Escalade and even the Civilian Hummer, Lamborghini designed and built the ultimate off-road Lamborghini truck along side the Lamborghini Countach. Officially it was known as the Lamborghini LM002 but unofficially it was the Rambo Lambo. Why? Watch the video and find out!

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tzion115 says:

the owner don’t look too happy he driving he’s truck

Oscar Mayer says:

omg the driver and his yellow teeth are annoying. turned this off after 9 seconds

Roman Izaboss says:

Remember the toy: FIREFOX remote control car???

Governor Wolf says:

the lm002 is epic. due to its military looks good souding engine. this vehicle proves ferrari cant make more badass cars then lamborghini

Jonathan Engström says:

400 deciliters!?! That´s 40 liters……

Brett Ryan says:

I wanted one of these when they first came out. I still love them.

trials_bike2000 says:

That’s a pretty sick truck but I would still rather a Ford truck over that, partially its more aFORDable

MrKeyboardCommando says:

If I remember correctly ( and, to be honest, there’s not much chance of that ), Lamborghini used to stick a boat engine in these things, put special sand tyres on them, and flog them to the Arabs over in the Gulf. Why all this happened, I have no idea.

sonictech1000 says:

Stallone had one of these? Must have been around the time Schwarzenegger bought his hummer and had a Corvette V8 swapped in.

Brembo Z says:

Would be cool to do a comparison test with the Lm002, Mega cruiser and H1.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Roman, those sunglasses look absolutely ridiculous. James Bond would never wear them !!!!

Black Viper says:

So its an Italian Hummer H1

dpajc056 says:

This guy’s a total dude, would love to work with him

The Positive Commenter Guy says:

Great review
Great info
Great truck
Great presenter
Great sound
So-so math. 😉

filmer6216 says:

Lamborghini should NOT make a truck.

luis ruiz says:

that car comes out in my forza 6 its pretty. cool lol

Nelson Beachy says:

Haha! The reversing cars at 3:20.

BAU says:

The “beauty” of LM002 did not allowed this truck to became a US Army truck instead of humvee.

Nico says:

I believe that they did this car for the united states army, but they finally decide to have the hummer. But when they ask to factories to build something tough, Lamborghini came with this. But I am not sure about this, but I guess you can google it easily.

Mike Taylor says:

Victor thanks for allowing the Wash & Wax to detail the Rambo Lambo. Anyone with a high end vehicle looking for a high end detail I’m located at 1000 S. Lincoln Ave , Loveland Co 80537…

S AGATA says:

Nice to watch a review where the owner actually knew correct info about the car

truck guy fiftynine says:

I usually avoid troll land, but an exotic lambo suv brought me out. Hey, it is a true lambo with all the quirkiness included. At the time there was no comparison. The sound that eminates from that engine is a true work of art. Perhaps only the Hennesy Velociraptor can also make a grown man giggle. Enjoy it for what it is and thanks TFL for the informative video.

Googatz Gool says:

gr8 video Roman. that exhaust makes my unit itch.

Countryboykerns says:

I WANT THEM! Mostly the LM002.

Michael Isaacson says:

I want one

steyr proof says:

outstanding, a real SUV !

paradoxdesigns says:

This guy knows his stuff. I just learned more about Lamborghini’s in 15 minutes than I have my entire life.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Roman, old lad, let’s be honest, if I was your age, I’d have had a picture of Boudicca’s chariot on my hut wall.

jimmy rodrigues says:

highest hp for decades? pretty sure mb ml amgs and g class amgs have been making more than 450 for many years now..

Cameron Garben says:

right at the 7min closeup is it missing a lug nut?

Lawrence5987 says:

‘Deci litres’!??? That bloke was definitely Woody from Cheers.

PO G says:

I’m surprised that the Countach in this video was a ’79. I didn’t know they made the “S” model that early. I thought the 5000 S versions started around ’84. That LM002 is the most beautiful SUV ever created by the hand of man. They should re-release it. Their new SUV, the Urus, that is about to come out is ugly, and looks like a Mazda.

apc143 says:

Haha, I was born in 1988 and listening to them saying the truck is from the year 1988 and it is 37 years old almost made me piss in my pants. Suddenly, I turn 10 years older or either I am watching this video in the year 2025.

leadchair says:

A few years ago I saw a LM002 driving around the French Quarter, the sound from that V12 echoing down the narrow streets was amazing.

Mr. Cairo says:

Unless that is one of the original Kevlar Pirellis on the back.

LetMeRave TV says:

the owner is so hesitant and worried he’s driving haha

Nick says:

It’s 27 years old. But that’s none of my business

Ford_roy says:

sounds like a straight pipe 3.7 mustang for some reason xD

Kazak Thranduil says:

Great video!

Jonathan Engström says:

400 deciliters!?! That´s 40 liters……

Michael Dillon says:

built my wife a in 2006 a Trailblazer SS with a LS6 now that was a beast.

bigboiz101 says:

27 not 37.

HerrPoopschitz says:

Cheer up Roman, haha. I’m jealous. I’ve liked these since I was a little kid.

Screw the “V8 rumble”…V12 any day. Wish you guys woulda gotten a better shot of the distributor cap…

Another great vid.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Sounds awesome…

jwxfd says:

I’m glad Lamborghini decided to not continue with the production of this type of vehicle and stuck with what they know better…exotic sports CARS

steve huber says:

Roman. You guys Rock!

Mr. Cairo says:

The LM002 does not seem to be that well maintained if it is wearing a bald different branded spare. Just an Observation. If you can afford that then you can afford a 5th BFG All Terrain.

Alex Kostenyuk says:

so back in the days lambo made suv , didn’t last long , now Porsche Bentley and other super fast suvs , i thing lamb should start making new suv

Denny Crane says:

not only the LM002 owner got the cheap bfg tires, he didn’t even have matching spare…
And Victor appears and sounds like a classic pos sales guy.

Mr. Cairo says:

Awesome Vid Roman

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