Lamborghini Huracan Performante: On The Track In An Active-Aero Masterpiece – Carfection

Lamborghini claims the advanced downforce tech in the Performante makes it the company’s fastest car ever on the track. Let’s test that for ourselves.

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Mouad Jaffal says:


Saint Venus says:

3:46 turn it up and listen

Jan Harold says:

The Bald Guy wouldn’t have said “coop” :'(

A.G. Martinez says:

Lamborghini got Audi transmission and steering tweaks. The ALA is an excellent idea, without using motorized panel articulation, its novel to use the hollow carbon fibre wing! Great idea!

Aslak Vind says:

Next time, lower the front axle before you take profile pics, for Pete´s sake.

Leon Hermans says:

favorite unique site boat director another destruction top others holiday.

mark compton says:

Come back Alex…. all is forgiven 🙂

iuri lx says:

if I want to do lap after lap after lap at the limitid I buy a 911 gt3 rs

Edward Waterhouse says:

I hope this is not the future of the Carfection. No idea why Alex moved on but he did bring a certain something to the reviews and sadly this is too dry for me.

Kinetickaze says:

Okay he didn’t roll his R’s, but still he didn’t say “Hurr-ah-khan”.

Andrés Suárez says:

what’s up with the ride height?

n300zx931 says:

Always been a fan of Lamborghini. Nice to see them become such a fantastic car builder.

Greg Mieg says:

Full of contradictions in your opinions and youre pants are too tight for your juices to flow

Rafael Lastra com says:

Excellent review.

aghaeis says:

Why is there such a huge gap between the tire and the body?

kraenk12 says:

You f’in suck for giving all the great cars to this boring guy! We want Alex Goy!

Alexandru F says:

I’m just going to dislike all videos until Alex comes back. Sorry, you have left me no choice!

Mohamad Al Yousuf says:

needs more wheel to fender gap….

James Cole says:

This presenter sounds like he belongs on “How it’s made”

Alec Morrison says:

i wasn`t the biggest fan of the original`s styling however i really like this one

Extra Mile - Luxury Car Reviews & More says:

Rear doesn’t look that nice, the car looks squished up, but engine is a beast!!!

Eddie Panedi says:

That ‘left/right’ lateral active aero is a complete joke. Average cornering speeds dictate the car would be going to slow most of the time for the actual principle to even work. Even when it is working, why is that good? Why do I want more downforce on oneside of the car than the other? Complete gimmick.

Dub Yuh says:

the car is absolutely beautiful, and the sound of the acceleration, i like to visualize in my head gunning it and hearing that sound.

M U says:

This American guy again, hes killing me and the review

valdezorbust says:

Stop hiring people who have a lisp to do your videos.

Niko Grba says:

This guy reminds me on that actor from jurassic park!!

dobbins2550 says:

Gigantic rear wing, that’s cute, said the ACR.

summaya achkar says:

I think maybe Lamborghini will make a car called the Lamborghini ferruccio

geo a.m says:

my dream car

Vindow Maker says:

Thats how the original should have looked…hopefully this makes it way into a refresh soon

mattharvey78 says:


Jesus Escobedo says:

Those wheels are smooth

logh an says:

This car don’t have D and N button so how to put this cars in neutral even how to move this car without D button?

JRNexGen says:

How the hell do these online car review shows get their hands on these expensive cars.

Law19157 says:

You don’t know if its the fastest? the Lap time is posted on Nordschleife website & others. 6:52.01 that’s the fastest ever production car lap time on that track. As far as I’m concerned its the fastest production car on a circuit.

Zoltan Benedek says:

The McLaren outperformed it around the Nurburgring

Thabani Ganagana says:


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