Lamborghini Huracán Preview and Lamborghini Gallardo Send Off . . .

MotoMan & Mean Gene preview the upcoming 2014 Lamborghini Huracán and then give the car that paved the way for it, the Lamborghini Gallardo, a proper send off . . .

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George C says:

Always remember, C7 Z06 & ZR1 are KINGS!!!!

American Muscle = #1

eduardoig17 says:

this guy kind of looks like Saul Goodman from breaking bad lol

Ren says:

Lamborghini needs to go back to making their cars like this, rather the futuristic design of the Veneno and Egoista.

Damien Shane says:

Worse review ever

Hamisxa says:

Carbon cermaic brakes as standard?
lol We’re gonna see people crashing a lot… Why?
they don’t work on low speeds, they only work when they are up to temperature and heavy braking.

jamal l says:

“yo, i gotcha back” haha


Baby aventador

allen sharako says:

Id drive this, the other lamborghinis would make me feel uncomfortable to drive unless I was wearing a batman suit. Or an Xman… This just looks like a superfast cavalier.

michaelseven says:

I am getting this exact car tomorrow. It’s coming from Houston Lamborghini. Funny, I use to live in Playa and now live near Decker Canyon. Is that where you filmed this? I chose the black on black since I already have a red jag and a blue h2 hummer.Hope the black won’t be too hot in the summer. This winter is already a scorcher. Great video!

allen sharako says:

My car can go both ways too you shitface!

pstinga says:

damn EIGHT piston calipers up front?! I’m all for great braking performance, and the fact that its a Lambo so you need both going AND stopping power, but christ, this is a Lambo thats a lil over 3100lbs, not the Knock Nevis super tanker. Might be the first time i’ve heard of 8 piston calipers…not that i didnt think they existed, but i dont recall ever hearing of them on a production car. 6 pistons sure, but not 8. I wonder if someone will be able to get insurance for their eyeballs when they come detached from their sockets when you put the brake pedal to the floor.

TheNsuperable says:

For an everyday supercar there is No substitute…Porsche 911 Turbo S

violian5 says:

Love the old gentleman. 

Dave Simkus says:

I don’t really like the Huracan. The interior is too flat and edgy, it should be softer and smoother and surround you not a flat table with a box on top for the gauges. Also the exterior resembles the Aventador a bit which makes it look like a poor mans Aventador, whereas the Gallardo had it’s own unique character. And neither do I like the name ‘Huracan’ I’m a huge Lamborghini fan and I’m not saying the Huracan is terrible but I’d have a Gallardo instead.

fevazro says:

This car came as a manual

tingokuman says:

99% of the reviews on Lamborghini are as follows, how it drives, what it looks like, and how it sounds, Motoman and Mean gene give a refreshing and totally new perspective to a car review. I’ve learned more about Lamborghini in 13 mins than I’ve done in my whole life. BRAVO!!!

thomascampr says:

Gallardo was ugly . A lunch box on wheels. The new huracan is a sexy car.

Targa Florio says:

Love your reviews MotoMan, but please, stop confusing your Italian with Spanish phrases. Madre de Dio.. Not Dios.

allen sharako says:

Just kiddin.

allen sharako says:

Id drive this, the other lamborghinis would make me feel uncomfortable to drive unless I was wearing a batman suit. Or an Xman… This just looks like a superfast cavalier.

jmar28a says:

10mpg? I understand that if you can afford a Huracan gas price shouldn’t matter, but 10mpg?? seriously?!

umar luxat says:

…great car review…engine sound undisturbed. Subscribed .

Anton Joseph says:

Lamborghini cars have always been futuristic. What idiocy. They have always done things differently from anyone else, that’s why they are successful.

01hondascott says:

ever sense i was a little boy i always loved the lambo

Sarin Murlidar says:

Lol I love the mechanic guy

allen sharako says:

My car can go both ways too you shitface!

FunOfTheChase says:

It’s pronounce “you-rackan”, because you’ll be racking up bitches driving one of these.

Don Dumay says:

English please jeez

Anesthez says:

Dell’s trying too hard

Alex Michalopoulos says:

“yo dude i gotch yo back”

Tee Bee says:

@ 4:21 I 100% agree with him. That’s the only reason why this new Gallardo loses me, sadly. The rest of it is absolutely stunning though!

MLGB0Yz says:

The Ls should be pronounced because it’s Italian, not spanish

Scott Campbell says:

black is bad

Jennifer Steel says:


channelswimmer says:

this motoman is jew as fuck. i just ran my FLIR diagnostic testing and his schnoz had the biggest hook

now, why dont you tell us something we don’t know motoman?

Aristocrafied says:

I did not see a single glimpse of a Huracan.. You trying to whore views?

JAMIE L says:

What did he say in Italian?

nakaye omar says:

this channel deserves more views and subscribers in my opinion 

Dell Schanze says:

arrrrg, my brain is going to pop.  Burn off 5 sets of tires in your next show please cuz I’m bored.  At the moment I hate Lambo.  Last one I drove was the Diablo and it was so sketchy I didn’t even go over the speed limit.   You can’t see beside you or behind you because the visibility was so terrible.  It was plum stupid.  The clutch went out faster than a Pizza at a kids birthday party but costs more than most people’s houses.  So show me the Lambo can actually burn off some tires and not be hauled off with a tow truck.

Houda GHALOUKI says:

<3 <3

helgi jonsson says:

so u can actually steer it?

zacgil says:

top down with the windows up haha

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