Lamborghini Huracán RWD Spyder: Breathtaking Technology

When style meets performance: the new Huracán RWD Spyder combines a new exterior design with the powerful Lamborghini V10 engine, able to unleash its power on the rear wheels:

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Alisson silva says:

Sonho de muitos

I Zicy says:

Is this Lamborghinis first Rear Wheel Drive Car ever.

Milan Mahút says:

Prekrasne auto!!!

Richard Williams says:

that man has a tiny willy, come home with me sexy woman, lmao 😛 … although, I would love the Lamborghini too 😛

KP/ patrick says:

Between Huracan and the young woman, i take the girl ! Yes baby, yes !

Burak Şahin says:

Calling this beauty a mere “car” is an insult…

Subrcribe Is Luck Ignore Is Bad luck. says:

I want to buy one for my dad 🙂

cr8ive says:

This add is ingenious . . . ONLY Lamborghini… ; )

Sourav Panda says:

m a big fan of lambo…
hats off 2 u all guys

cr8ive says:

One sexy bitch . . .perfectly shaped . . . .love the glow on her skin . . . .the girl surfing is also quite nice.

Alexand Gamer says:

lamborghini the best car <3

Prathamesh Kulkarni says:

amazing ♡♡

1hard2findbro says:

Did anyone notice the cheating whore about to catch a beat down? Watch it again.

Florian Matejka says:

OMG I love it!!! 😀

AlexandreFenici says:


my opinion says:

Gorgeous car , Great Video Thanks Lamborghini

שגב משולם says:

and i am a really big fan too

Abigail Sockeye says:

seems gay

John Chow says:

At the of the film, she is thinking “Why the hell did he bring the Lamborghini? Where is my surfboard going to go?”

Gabriel Hill says:

Can you please start putting the real doors on the cars? Mclaren does it with it’s why not Lamborghini?

족구왕 says:

I want to go Italy

Дима Григорьев says:

This is my dream super car, Lamborghini taxis.

Giovanni Di Blasi says:


MisterJacube says:

This ad is just complete. This is what a perfect commercial looks like.

MobLinz Initiated Turbocharged Prepaid Society LLC. says:

Can’t see the road well. Dash intrusive.

Lorenz Paulinho says:

Enzo Ferrari should see it

Andrew R says:


nakul singh says:

that’s the Huracan we all wanted

akx says:

Did they replace the surfer with another woman..?

Vanyok says:

ух ебааать))))))))

guineapigs 123 says:

can u try do a vid on lambo egoistas i know theres like two ever made in museums but there so sick

MisterJacube says:

Probably the best ad I have ever seen.

la maison vanderstein says:

who is that surfer girk tho ?

Lui LoSa says:

Finalmente una LAMBORGHINI a trazione posteriore!!!!

Hyper Fire says:

lamporghini huracan rwd is more cheap than 4×4

Frenki I says:

rwd is rear whel driver

Alef Souza says:

RWD <3

micheal Jordan says:

That’s a very nice car indeed , but where she gonna put the board ??

A Buzzed Whaler says:

sound just like the zentorno in gta 5

pedro ramos says:

this is in portugal in aljezur praia da amoreira


hey lambros
can you give me a ride to school i realy want the lamborghini veno plz can you that is my dream car

RS Ripon says:

I love lamborghini!

Sourav Panda says:

hope i could join the lambo grp in future☺☺☺☺

TheELLanOs says:

If i had a car that expensive and my bitch was that wet when sitting in it, i would have thrown her out instantly

Guru Prakash says:

what place is this?

שגב משולם says:

the best car video ever !!!!!
well done lamborghini.

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