Lamborghini Huracan Technical Review

Whats going on car family?!?!?! Check out this technical review of the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan! Please remember to like, share, and subscribe!!


Ian Lewis says:

Nice review…great info and to the point.

Sandye McIntyre says:

In my opinion, the quality of your reviews is in the top fifteen of all auto reviewers, including greats such as Autocar, Car, Chris Harris, evo, Motor Trend, Top Gear, etc. Your research is thorough, professional, and impressive, and you take the time to point out all manner of interesting details that most, if not all, of these reviewers miss or fail to mention. Your background as an aerospace engineer is evident in the logical, technically-competent manner in which you deliver a plethora of information, which is both useful and fascinating. Keep up the fantastic work!

DJ Smoove says:

Another great video!

Lazayvion Hammick says:

Where are the butterfly doors??

van phillips says:

nice job

Huracan 15 says:

Love the review Ben. Lots of facts I didn’t know about.


Hey can someone who is 5’11 fit in this car because I was going to get a f type but I’m to tall for it

jetliFAN says:

This car is so low to the ground that he gets down on his knees and he’s still taller than the Huracan, LOL. wow. This car must make you think that even a pebble on the road is a huge huge pothole.

I’ve heard too many times of cars that are standing in park and if the driver revs it too hard, the car engulfs in flames. You revved it pretty hard, did you just get luck or does that only happen in Aventadors?

Will Benson says:

Is it me, or is this guy the only person who PROPPERLY reviews a car?!?!

Damion Martin says:

man you make the car looks small

Angel Mendez says:

What was the price again

D. R. says:


AAK AAK says:

nice 1

2Fit2Quit says:

Nice review!

mylamborghini says:

Great review!

Damion Martin says:

man you make the car looks small

Lee Moss says:

GOod job bro

beamerS1000rr says:

Awesome review, very informative, I actually learned something about this vehicle from watching your review compared to others.

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