Lamborghini unveils the new Huracán LP 610-4 at 2014 Geneva Motor Show – Press Conference

A new era is beginning in the luxury supersports car segment.
The new Lamborghini Huracán, with its pure and unique design, an innovative technology package and outstanding dynamics, debuts at 2014 Geneva International Motor Show.

The best of the new Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 at 2014 Geneva Motor Show.



Marcos Ramirez says:
frere maximilien says:

j en veut une jaune svp

alison lapoint says:

Lose your self

alison lapoint says:

Ok BADASS .i love it .got a problem with that?

Devin V says:

I love how lambos are named after bulls it goes perfect with the way they look

frere maximilien says:

je retire la commande

Pedro Aragundi says:

Lo mejor de lo mejor!

Yash Telker says:


armza Butto says:


Ming Tang says:


Gabriel Hill says:

These cars are beautiful. WIll we ever see a V8 model from you Lamborghini? Since the Huracan has 610 horsepower..why not make a V8 model with 500 horsepower? Less weight..which will make it faster..and compete with Ferrari on that level. It can be let’s see this happen. 

ben paul says:

I will rather call the snake eyes

Janusha says:

He says “aluminum” because americans dont know what aluminium is.

Raghav Swagger says:

where is the lime green?

MaTriX_max says:

That Italian accent… Love it.

Stefan Batory says:

zajebisty wchooj

5769JJ says:

“ooo ra caan”……very nice car, like the white very much

Shane D says:


Derick Abram says:

Nice adding Daft Punk & Pharrell’s music at the end. Great presentation. Look forward to driving this soon!

Prem Rush says:

Beautiful car

camilo sanchez says:

The guy’s suit is actually more impressive than the car.. don’t get me wrong though, the car is still awesome. 

puffrooster says:

It’s only 200K I read. That means even I can afford one provided I skip lunch and supper for the next 6 years…. but it would be worth it.

LeBig Makke says:

my god! this is my absolute dream car right now! the front looks so badass. the huracan really looks like a fighting bull.

Team Dad Crew BMX says:

does this replace the Gallardo?

Necs.Photos says:

The vette stingray reveal was much better but this was still very good

Maicol H. Ramirez says:

Maldita Pobreza 🙁

Musa Sawaneh says:

Outstanding car, it unique, and i like the aerodynamic of the car.

Hadrien Augusto says:

J’ai hâte !

Wave Hmee says:

จัดว่าผ่านครับ 5555555

StevieP says:

That’s one gorgeous car!

okami hirazawa says:

front lips and lamp are ugly for me .but overall good.. what bout roadster … waiting it :3

Aventanario says:

The Engine seems to be retained from the last Gallardo….
But the Huracan definitely defines its own name of being a car that create hurricanes….The Huracan is a follow up of the Gallardo

Simon Seyz says:

Amazing, love it!

nevera1113 says:

Every lamborghini looks menacing! I think this will look better with the Superleggera spoiler, but it still look stunning

ZnXii says:

to soon for another lambo 

tutur assure says:

It´s a very nice car. The Huracan is very fast and these lines are very nice!!! It´s incredible!!!

Freddy Montana says:

Idiots comparing this to a fucking corvette. Smh

Ivan Cordova says:

I stand corrected Price start at $275,000, insurance is $2400 a month, Tires r $5,000 each and rim’s is suggested to be replaced every 15, 000 miles. Ouch…the rest is just way toooo high to list for an average Joe. Time to buy it in 1/18 scale for XMas. 🙂

Devin V says:

Keep amazing me lamborghini with your amazing cars

Spawn223311 says:

that metal gray one

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