Lamborghini Urus Preview: SABBIA Mode

A preview of Urus, the world’s first Super SUV by Lamborghini, as it drives through desert sand and dunes. High speed, absolute control.



Miro Miro says:

Lamborghini Urus

Alex Junior says:

Parem de cu doce todo mundo já sabe como ela é.

Taronn T says:

Fresh from forza

proud cat 2004 a.lippo says:

Stelvio qv is better

A1M AND F1R3 says:

Gorgeous good thing it’s not just for show

zpooxir says:

Will we get a limited Pen-Doodled edition just like this?

Ahmed360 says:

This will sell like hot cakes in Middle-east <3

ckxrs says:

meanwhile, the urus has been in games for years now, yet not yet released/properly unveiled.

876 123 says:

Wow sand car. Perfect to waste my time and money. Can’t wait

kevin Ş]PĂĆĘY says:


Fahmi Romli says:

This is not real off road..where is low range and diff lock?..shame on you lambo

Арч Стентон says:

Lamborghini X6M

Prasun Roy says:

I just saw wheels rotating, where’s the car?

Harambe Jr. says:

*Drop the kids off to soccer practice at 3, drop panties at the track at 8. Lamborghini Urus ladies and gentlemen*

Brandon Ludy says:

Lmao ok, let’s make a 300000 dollar suv for people to use to go off roading

kevin Ş]PĂĆĘY says:

Ford Escape anyone

Chinmay says:


Andrew Austin says:

This car is gonna be HUGE!

Mojito says:

That’s when you know supercar brand is finished… SUV… First, porsche lost style. Now lambo, sad.

01 3 says:

Yuk……yuk…. Lamborghini SUV look it regular suv? Failed

Pidgeon says:

0:00 the cringe intro:

Kenith Almeida says:

Cayenne with a Bull

ZuyBluxCars 1337 says:

This car is a prefect sign of a bull – Heavy, Sturdy, and Fast!

Eldrich says:

Asphalt 8 gamers should know this SUV

Black Orca says:

NoN car guys say that’s not a lambo

Meow says:

Italians go 4 doors.

Jason Yang says:

no Lamborghini has fallen in the SUV trap too ,look at Ferrari

Tarık İpek says:

I just came here to dislike

tim kruse says:

When is it combing out

Tom Beattie says:

It’s still ugly as sin though

Bob Belcher says:

Let’s be honest, no one is gonna take out onto the desert…

EVTIM says:

How many jars with turshiq can I fit in the car? Does it work on lpg(gas)? Will there be a version which will fit in the small tax? Also can I replace the stock radio with JVC one?

Internet Explorer says:


Philipp Binder says:

Kiss inside integrity fraud best catch danger organize world nose milk e-mail level.

Very Good says:

The Urus is NOT the first super SUV built by Lamborghini. It is their second one and it was hideous.

Taste Buds says:

Iam sorry, but iam dissapointed by you making an suv.

Thomas Dekker says:

dont make suv’s Lamborghini, people will blame you guys for copying Porsche

Praveen Sharma says:

Rambo Lambo anybody?

Osaki 846 says:


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