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The highlight of the VW Group’s Geneva preview night was the incredible Lamborghini Veneno .

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Gabest'sChannel says:

and idiots who will wreck the precious car

FirehawkDriver says:

The truest sports cars have elegant curves flowing from one to another. If the designers goal was to design a car that stands out, has enough power to compete with the best of the industry they have succeeded. This car shall be an anecdote in the history of cars due to name, design emphasizing sharp angles, and large power output. Typical of Lamborghini to introduce such a car. It shall get lots of fanfare due to name branding, and power. But as far as sleek design, they failed to deliver.

jhonny bravo says:

true that

paulo f says:

lamborghini, ferrari, mclaren, it´s a good year for hypercars!

Neu Ron says:


147blackalfa says:

fucking ugly car LOOOL so stupid, lambo strats to make some new designs but is worst every day…

Toni says:

fucking ugly piece of shit, lambo totally failed designed at this veneno crap with that shitty flag next 2 it.

abdi1983 says:

Looks like its a crashed

Samo says:

This car was made for BatMan!! :O

James 1992 says:

it’s so ugly!

Oliseh Kennedy says:

i like the car but one thing puzzles me, what is the rear view mirror for? i dont think you can see anything through the back

morgan david says:

UGLY car as hell!!!!

ludgi88 says:

It’s ugly but you can’t stop staring!

Alexander VII says:

obvious troll is obvious

DTNeutrino says:

LMAO at all the people saying the car is “ugly”. I am sensing some jealousy because your poor asses will never be able to afford it.

Lowercased J says:

Does it drive itself and turn into a bike?

munib1000 says:

More like 100% because only three were made and three of them were sold, privately.

London Brown says:

Aw $4million damn.i want it soo bad xc..Somewhere in life i guess :/

Chicago Cubs says:

this car slow a/f

bucketslash11 says:

for all the people complaining that it’s ugly, look at the gumpert apollo, it’s ugly but that doesn’t make it preform any worse, infact it makes it preform better as everything is there because of downforce


Iron Will says:

hates lol

Usernaming says:

the ferrari f430 is truly ugly unless ur a fucking 13year old girl really looks like a barbie car tbh

Michael L says:

murcielago is actually more beautiful then veneno, veneno has a robotic design, too robotic…
it’s like a transformer couldn’t fit his whole body in it so it has a odd scape lol
but still, it is a awsome car

MrIronManIsPro says:

I would rather a get a LaF or a P1, less price and better performance

123thekillerking says:

If Ferrari gets creative they will kill the Lamborghini veneno look wise. Get ready 4 that moment !

DeAd says:

0~60 in 2.8s WOWWWW thats so fast!!!! this guy have not heard about the 2014 nissan GTR which cost nothing compared to the veneno

nmarcano3 says:

So to the people who think this car is ugly because they’ll never be able to afford it… it really is ugly. Whether you’re jealous or not of something because of price… it’s still an ugly car. Period.

Mahmoud Salem says:


TheJoeMB says:

Its utterly hideous.

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