Lamborghini vs corvette z06

В Дубае по дороге в Абу Даби


eulB staeB says:

We may be fat and stupid here in America, but fuck me do we build some crazy ass cars.

tyler rote says:

roasted what?  speak right mother fucker or ill kill you.

Jake Smith says:

Congratulations for putting your life and others in danger for going fast on a road in a car. Is that really worth it? Fucking morons. And put on your fucking shoes, you disgusting animal.

consigliere6 says:

lambo went rush b

banduril says:

Mista don’t play

kuyaglen says:

Vertical Video 🙁

ReK says:

I don’t like vettes but that lambo got spanked

spart030 says:

Omg, what is the monster under that corvettes hood? Is anyone else actually hearing this?

malayaleeking says:

granny shifting

Cecilia Abreu says:

Murica Fuck Yeah

rockster10101 says:

America. Always. Wins.

Chris J says:

Do this on a track, NOT Where others lives are at risk!

j102srf says:

I love seeing the news when idiots like you die in a fire on the freeway. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

jmedlin6 says:

American Muscle

Wei Ren Lim says:

Muscle car on a straight road, is very hard to beat.

Lost Oneironaut says:


adrenalineTube says:

Try again after closing your roof.

Heartless8604 says:

Thats kinda what corvettes are best for, they’re drag cars.

Myth NumbCorns says:


youamlame says:


TwofiddyFourstroke says:

Chevys make my pussy wet

David Dukevares says:


tshmcog says:

it’s kind of dangerous to talk to the driver while driving.

IAmaPersion says:

Disliked for the sheer fact these retards don’t even know how to turn their phones sideways.

Six Addams says:

douche bags

23flight23 says:

how do so many Russian people own Lamborghinis

LexTNeville says:

Nice view of the dashboard and sky there… Try turning your phone 90 degrees when filming.

Walter Benjamin says:

Lamborghini doesn’t make enough power until higher range rpm. The Corvette has instant power at low rpm.

Gintoki Sakata says:

Douchebags everywhere

Kane Boston says:

american muscle

playsinmud says:

Are the racing to the snackbar?

Elizabeth Yamin says:

The Lambo was not even floored or downshifted enough.

Jimmy Strudel says:

i wish everyone would have crashed and died

webpa says:

Is someone out there surprised at this?

Mike Spencer says:

Love these guys reactions. Seems like a fun couple guys to hang out with. I don’t even know Russian. A lot of people out there that seem bitter or hateful, probably because they can’t afford a Lambo

격노 says:

modified vs stock.

Ll Lock says:

wow. that vett sure has a lot of extra aftermarket parts while the lambo sounds stock. would always pick the lambo though. every middle upper guy and his mother has a vett but only the cool cats with loads of dough drive lambos. u see a vet and its like mehhh, u see a lambo and its like “how u doing”…..

sundown220 says:

american muscle

winlip2 says:

The most amazing thing about this video is that the people in the left lane actually move over for someone trying to pass.

YouSoundButtHurt says:

Doin it for Dale!!!

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