New Lamborghini Aventador S review: is the big Lambo now a proper drivers car?

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Lamborghini Aventador S review:

Lamborghini Aventador S review
If the current Aventador was starting to feel a bit ancient around the edges, this sensational new S model comes fighting right back. On the move it makes giant steps forward, and on the eye it’s more beautiful than ever. But then at £277,000 before options you’d want it to be something special, and it is.

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drumstickshockeysticks says:

Weighs so much less than a Hellcat so I doubt it can compete with the S

Jonas Pablo says:


bulok69 says:

that front is cringe worthy. Aventador SV has it perfected in my humble opinion


Ferrari 812 Superfast The best

Cocologo says:

so cheap !! if you think i am crazy well in Australia this car cost 700-800K AUD

Azhar Husain says:

Lamborghini best sports car

Aonix - says:

812 SF > Aventador S

Kevin De Smet says:

Since car reviews are mostly paid for by manufacturers, I find the best way to assess a proper review is look at a new version like the Aventador S and hear them talk about the old model. Then you get an objective review.

New Cars says:

This lamborghini looks nice but it’s too expensive to own it now $ 400000 # thanswcars

Im From Kazakstan says:

im height 190cm i cant drive lambo

tekkujutsu says:

Does the center lock wheels come as standard or is it optional?

james barry says:

its not my birthday today how many likes can i get?

Alex Ivan says:

lambowgheeneee… dude. really ?

미래 와 뽀리 says:


Balu Jeni says:

First in india actor “ajith” bought this car lamborghini

Vincente Chung says:

What is the “S” stand for?

Kristian Brandt says:

I love the new facelift, it’s more elegant……. Wait elegant is not the right word, let’s say less vulgar 🙂 It’s what Lamborghini needed though. Having released all those super flashy limited edition cars, they’d sort of established a reputation as the car of choice for oil billionaires and footballers. If I had the money I wouldn’t have bought the first Aventador, even when it came out, but I would buy this one.

GTA5Dezza says:

who here because of yianimize.

noxth says:

Will there be Aventador s roadster?

Top Cars says:

question for everyone? this or SV? we say SV!!!

mynaanbread says:

But what about the gearbox????

John Tan says:

mid console still uses materials from a prius or worst

Elouaer Ayed says:

here you go youtube i’ve watched the fucking video , leave me the fuck alone

Privat Priat says:

Aha… Jetzt gibt es ein S.. Man merkt das Audi.. VW.. Ich meine Lamborghini keine Ideen mehr haben.. Seid jahren reiten sie auf aventador rum.. Man merkt einfach die deutsche inkompetenz in Kreativität Design und Emotionen.. Was Technik angeht klar keine Frage aber worauf es noch bei Autos ankommt…

wallstreetfox3 says:

Did he say 706 ft. lbs. of “twerk”?

minazmorgul says:

So there will be Aventador S Roadster, Aventador S – SV, Aventador S – SV Roadster, or something like these, right?

Sukhmon Mashiana says:

Wow I didn’t think they could make a car an uglier than the regular Aventador

Toni Kopra says:

Yeah the old sucks right away when the new is out…

Geile Potsau says:

I like the new aventador S but I think the old Aventador looks better at the front!

radicaljohn says:

Doesn’t look anywhere near as imposing as first model.

cardude1992 says:

My heart aches because this car has like 70hp less than the new Ferrari 812 superfast :'(

Desert Eagle says:

My god these cars are excruciatingly beautiful.

veiga devil says:

those pops are anoying as fuck… so fake

JurisKankalis says:

yeah, cool video. the multimedia system controls remind of course of the Audi A4, but doesn’t matter – also the integration of all the car’s ECUs remind of audi’s canbus, which is a good thing. Keep it up, bull car!

Paul Kirchhoff says:

this is the car that Lamborghini should have put a double clutch gearbox in. it’s just a little short of being the perfect v12 beast, it’s just missing that refined gearbox.

Cemo Aventador says:

The Roadster and SV looks much better

Larry Games says:

Would you guys mind getting started on my 2020 Aventador S?

Desmond Vain says:

I love the yellow. A beautiful color for the car!!!

Sandesh Rajpoot says:

this car is very beautyfull

Akanksha Yadav says:


HesteBremse says:

It looks absolutely stunning!

Jimmy Estrella says:

Steve’s a great journalist, but my lord he makes James May seem like Chris Harris.

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