NEW LOUD TITANIUM EXHAUST for my Lamborghini Gallardo!! Hi-Tech Exotic X-Pipe!

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A Ostrow44 says:

You should do in the garage

Nathaniel Stanley says:

im only 17 tho

Benny says:

Get one for the audi

Post Malone says:

I’m a headphone user and I’m alive :/


What exhaust is that? I want one and I didn’t see any on their website.

Uncle Chunky Gaming says:

The landscapes are breathtaking.

Taylor Willman says:

What’s the status of the R8 exhaust?

AustinSherrard says:

You should have a 100,000,000 subs

Fishing and Drifting says:

I had a car gasm 492 times

Nino Perez says:

Tradition fast county transaction ahead develop defense preserve portrait bit industrial okay.

Regencyscroll Gaming says:

More Lamborghini vlogs yes maybe need to do another wrap

Nino Perez says:

Superior complete since entry control rather predict division win.

DrZar says:

This Hi Tech Exotic exhaust sounds so great. I can’t get enough. I keep watching it over and over. Love it.

Emmett Flores says:

What is the point of a loud car? Is it just to announce your arrival?
Just asking? Don’t know much but I’ve seen where everyone is dumping tons of money to get a louder exhaust.

Dilan Alcee says:


Michael Tonge says:

Ok, so I need this in my life now!

Marcellino Fernaldi says:

This is why I love Gallardo

Elijah Malik says:

Sounds like a angry bull on steroids

Alex W says:

It’s more smooth and muscle-y

Nathaniel Stanley says:

i wish i had a supercar

Titanium _ Sword3 says:

Sounds like a 2018 lambo

Cool Hormozy says:

It’s so fast the tiers can’t handle it

Morning Star says:

Is all that reving safe?

Adam Setareh says:

Starting @ 7:42 is my new ring tone… Awesome.

nbookie says:

I thought Mexico would be flatter.

Sanjay FrEAk suresh says:

J stradiiii…,..get a New front bumper pleaseeeeee

Indoor Corporation says:

Say something or add ad a public comment.

Minecraft Miner21 says:

I did the exact same to my bad mad Lamborghini adventador sv


I have Toyota echo will they make sound like Lamborghini Aventador SV

The Gman says:

She screams louder than Mia Khalifa

Zachary Totsch says:

Slam the Gallardo!

Pat Walker says:

Question — What is the primary outcome of having a loud exhaust?
Answer — It tells the rest of us that you are a low-life loser desperately in need of any attention you can get.

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